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  • What is Directory Submission and why are Backlinks Important?


    Directory submission is the procedure of sending your website’s link to be viewed on different web or Internet directories. This doesn’t take up as much time as you would think to get your website out in cyberspace. All you have to do is send a short description with an acceptable title that goes along with each of your links to the directories. You want both your title and keywords to be highly visible in both the title and description. The main goal, if this is done correctly, is to have high quality backlinks created for your websites. There are tons of high quality back links by using this simple method.

    What is a backlink?


    A quality backlink is another link that links to your website by using the keyword or phrases that you have chosen for your website. It will also appear on a website that is using the same theme or a similar topic as your own site. Don’t let all of this search engine optimization terminology spook you. This is very simple.

    How do you build a backlink?


    Quality backlinks are a necessity to the success of SEO, but the question is how do you get them for your site. It seems simpler with on-page content optimization because the all the work is on your plate. You do the work and make the decisions. It seems with backlinks that you have to rely on others to do your work to make it successful. There is a half-truth to this statement. Backlinks do begin on another website and will direct people to your site but you can decide with the web designer other particulars about your website.

    Not everyone wants to have a web master working on their site but if you let them do their job you will reap the benefits from the backlinks and your website will succeed. Don’t let this make you feel like you have no control over your own website. This is not the case. There are still many details that you can be in charge of.

    The first thing you want to do when building backlinks is to find where you can actually find the quality backlinks. There are software programs out there that aid you in your search. Once you have picked out a software program, you need to enter the keyword or phrases for your website. The program will give you different sites where you can post articles, send messages, post a blog or add a backlink that is directed to your website.

    Once you have options to partners for backlinks, it is highly recommended that you go review each separate website and put your content with your backlink connected to your site. It is also good to review the site anyway to make sure it is a site you want to be connected with and doesn’t contain material that is illegal or will harm your website in any way.

    There are software programs that provide links to you for free. It might sound too good to be true but they do this because they need content for their own website. Think about it. You put your content on different websites you aren’t getting paid to write for that website. You are helping each other out. You are providing content for their website and in response, you are being given quality backlinks. Let’s not forget to be truthful and respect the other website. The other websites are also trusting strangers to add information to their site. Make sure everything you post on different websites are real links and accurate information.

    Are there different ways to build backlinks?


    There are acceptable or natural ways to build backlinks. There are also unacceptable ways to build backlinks. Regardless if the backlink came to you through the natural way or way made, any added quality backlinks should always be accepted. Don’t ever feel like the time you took to create them was a waste of time because you can never have too many backlinks. Here are some acceptable or natural ways to build links to your site.

    • Get listed in different directories
    • Post on different forums
    • Post on different blogs
    • Post in article directories
    • Content exchange
    • Affiliate programs
    • News Announcements
    • Press Releases

    Here is a list of unacceptable way to get backlinks connected to your website.

    • Inter-linking
    • Linking to spam sites
    • Linking to sites that are hosts to illegal content and subject matter
    • Buying links in bulk
    • Linking to link farms.

    Inter-linking is when you link from one website to another website. Both of these websites are owned by the same person or company and essentially exist for the sole purpose of being a link farm. A link farm is a group of different websites that are all connected to every site within the same group. Some link farms are made by a person, though the majority of these groups are made through automated programs. Link farms are frowned upon because it is labeled as a type of spam.

    Each search engine requires a way to authorize a website’s relevancy. One way that is used is to check for one-way links that are coming directly from related websites. Many times the actual process of building links is confused with being listed on a link farm. This process makes the actual backlinks useless.

    Can you break down the ways to get backlinks?


    As previously mentioned, there are different ways to get quality backlinks. Forums and blogs are a great way to get quality backlinks. If you are posting on a website that is highly respected, you will more than likely get a quality backlink. Unfortunately though, on a lot of these, the administrator of the site can edit or even delete your post if they do like the content or if it doesn’t meets its needs. There are some websites that do not let you post other links unless it has nothing to do with the same topic. They are trying to weed out the competition. Posting blogs is effortless and can end up creating some great backlinks for your website, so keep hacking away at it.

    Content exchange can get you quality backlinks as well. When a website puts your RSS really simple syndication) feed on their website you will get a backlink from their website. This will definitely create a lot of activity around your website. Affiliate programs are great as well but they can be pricey. If you already have an affiliate program, this will be no big deal for you, but they usually collect 10-30% in commissions from linking visitors to your website.
    There is also the less frequent new announcements and press releases. An expertly written press release or new announcement from an important event can provide you with a lot of visitors. This is always a great way to create quality backlinks, but remember you have to have something to write about.

    Can you really get a quality backlink the natural way?


    The answer is yes! The whole goal is to get people to view your website and have your website ranked high on each search engine. The main idea behind using backlinks is to help with the ranking of your website. The higher the rank, the more people will view your website. It sounds simple in theory, but working your backlinks the natural way is a little more difficult.

    As mentioned before, you want quality backlinks connected to your website. This means is that you want the backlinks to not only be reliable but to have good useful content on them. It is hard to rely on that alone. For this to truly work, your backlinks need to include the same or similar keywords or phrases that you are using on your website. Don’t get discouraged, but this does require some effort and can end up being less that desirable. In the end you might have to figure out another way to connect to quality backlinks.

    How can I get listed in different directories?


    If you really want your website to stand out among similar sites, then you have to get on directories such as Yahoo or DMOZ. This is a must for two main reasons. One, you are able to get quality backlinks for absolutely nothing. Second, this is great and easy way to get noticed by each search engines and all of their daily visitors. You can be listed on each directory for free but it does take some time to be put in the specific categories of your choice.

    What do I need to avoid?


    We discussed early link farms and how they are not good for creating quality backlinks. Make sure you know the sites you are linking to and that they are of good quality. You do not want to link to a shady website. Pay attention to your links and also, who is linking to you. You do not want all of your efforts wasted because of something you over looked or because you get a bad feeling about being linked to a certain site. Trust your gut and remove it. There is no way to police the bad backlinks so you have to be on guard.

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