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  • Reaching The Right Audience With Google Analytics

    Thousands of webmasters are already using Google analytics to improve their traffic rate by gaining insights into the nature of visitors that come to their websites. Google has conducted a webinar to help webmasters get more out of Google analytics under the title, ‘Remarketing with Google Analytics’.  The webinar is about a new feature that has been integrated to Google Analytics. Using the Remarketing with Google Analytics feature webmasters will be able to show ads to website visitors specifically to those people that have shown an interest on the target website as they browsed other websites in the Google display network. This feature helps webmasters reach the right audience at the right time.

    Some of the benefits that users are likely to gain through the webinar as listed in the analytics blog are as follows. By watching the webinar video you will be able to understand the overall benefits of the new feature namely Remarketing with Google Analytics, get a hang of the new product by watching the live demo, get help on how to set up the Remarketing with Google Analytics for one’s business, besides understanding some of the key features of the new product.

    The Remarketing with Google Analytics feature comes with an elaborate guide for setting up and quick tips for getting started. Using the new tool, you will be able to create as many lists as you like to run your remarketing campaigns. You will be able to use the Google Tag Manager along with the remarketing feature.

    The remarketing lists that you create using the new feature allows you to use one of the three preset visitor segments or set up you own custom segment of visitors. The visitors options available are as follows – all visitors, visitors to specific page or specific area of the website, visitors that complete a specific action and visitors that match specific criteria set by you. By choosing the visitor segment, you will be able to choose to whom you want to display the remarketing ads. When visitors match the criteria, Google analytics adds a cookie and when those visitors return to the Google Display Network.

    The minimum number of cookies required to trigger the remarketing ads is 100. When the list has a minimum of 100 unique cookies then Google will start displaying your remarketing ads. The new feature allows you to build and edit your remarketing lists in an intuitive user interface.

    You will be able to follow up with people that have already come to your website through the remarketing tool and deliver the ad content specifically targeted to the interests based on their previous visits. The Remarketing with Google Analytics feature fine tunes your marketing efforts and thereby increases the chances of conversions. The remarketing feature also helps webmasters resell their products and services effectively. You will be able to set up the Remarketing with Google Analytics feature easily by visiting your Google analytics account and following the set up instructions.

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