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  • Google Analytics Tips

    Google analytics is a free Google tool – and it one of the most important tools for webmasters. Google analytics is perfect for any webmaster who would like to constantly work on their website’s SEO and improve online performance. Google Analytics tool provides a wide variety  of reporting options that can be used to understand the nature of a particular website’s traffic.

    It isn’t possible to get continual improvement on a website’s performance without knowing anything about the site’s current performance. There has to be a starting point to use as a benchmark. Start by conducting an in depth analysis of  site traffic using Google analytics. Get reports on any factors you think will be useful. Since it’s free, go from the simplest to complex reporting statistics. After doing this it is possible to find out how a website’s visitors found the site, what keywords they used to get there, how many pages that they visited, the navigation path  the visitors took, the most popular entry page, the most popular exit page. That’s just a sampling of what you can do!

    You can set goals for your traffic and see how your website traffic fits your goals. Your SEO efforts can be altered in order to help you achieve your goals. SEO goals are not just about getting good traffic to a website, but more about leading the visitors to the selling page and then converting them with sales that help make you money. This includes not only having the website listed in Google, but the design your landing pages in such a way that your visitors will navigate in your website in a way that you would want them to be.

    Google analytics is one of the most powerful tools available to help elevate an otherwise simplistic SEO approach to a much more sophisticated refined  powerful strategy. You will be able to achieve success in a focused way rather than a helter skelter “bit of this – bit of that“ approach. Google analytics will make your efforts more coherent towards achieving the desired required goals you need to succeed.

    You will be able to find out the amount of time spent by the visitors in each page using Google analytics. This great insight into your site’s performance and also about your website’s visitors and what attracts them the most is information you always need. Being able to find how many clicks your website visitors have to make to reach to the selling page as of the current performance of your website online can help you streamline your operations for better performance. You will be able to decide whether your you need to put them through all the pages or optimize your website in such a way so that they can enter the sales page directly or with a fewer number of clicks.

    There is absolutely nothing to lose in trying out how Google analytics works as it is a completely free tool. By far, it is the safest tool and you will not have to worry about injecting malware and spyware into your website. if you really want to make your site pop and succeed on Google, what better tool is there to measure you progress than a tool that is from Google?

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