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  • Lead Generation With Google Analytics

    Given the fact that all the marketing efforts that you are taking are to generate leads it is vital that you make use of all the help that you could get to generate as many leads as you can get. In one of the latest posts in Google Analytics blog, Google has given Webmasters Number of tips on how webmasters can generate leads through the use of Google Analytics.

    Today most of the websites have integrated Google webmaster Analytics to their websites. However not all webmasters make the best use of the data that is available through Google Analytics. Google suggests that there are many features in the Google Analytics program that will help marketing professionals generate prospective leads. You may already be using lead generation programs offered by third parties but what Google Analytics offers you is often better than what the other third party most of the third party service providers are offering.

    The first step in generating leads through analytics is to set specific goals for each page and assign specific values for these goals. Offer something free for your users so that they can be incentivised for sharing their information. This can be something as simple as an eBook or a video. keep track of the downloads and have a consistent follow up plan so that no lead is missed.

    If you are also using Adwords for your website you can integrate the data to your analytics account. It also helps if you enable call-tracking option as well along with Adwords. You can make use of call tracing services that are available in the industry such as Mongoose metrics.

    Taking all these efforts will help you get a better hold of your  lead generation campaigns. You will be able to manage your leads better and increase the conversion rates. Google analytics will help you get better insights on the leads that are generated through your website. You will be able to understand the behavior of your website users and tailor your approach accordingly to improve your conversion rates.

    The secret of success with lead generation and conversion of leads generated is to be seen in your ability to continually improve the quality of your pages based on your observation of your Google analytics results and data. Your landing pages should be very carefully designed and planned so that you will be able to enjoy the best conversion rates. Your Google analytics data should help you fine tune your landing pages based on the user behavior in your website. If you are unable to correlate the Google analytics data with your website performance then it is best to get professional help so that you will be able to improve upon your website’s performance. As Google analytics provides you with elaborate statistics you should be able to benefit from the free statistics that you get. Make sure that your Google analytics code is embedded in all the important pages of your website so that you do not miss the free user stats generated by Google analytics.

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