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  • Using Video Content to Build Links

    Video Content to Build Links

    Online videos are everywhere! You can cash in on online videos in more ways than one – by posting them on video share sites and by licensing their use in exchange for a link. The attention you can get from just one great video is amazing, so don’t ignore this wonderful way to get more attention online.

    Who knew the camcorder could possible be the best link building tool you’ll ever have? You can make interesting videos that will amuse, entertain, or most importantly, inform others. You can now shoot videos, upload them to different sites, and get paid ad revenue or commissions when people view or use your work, as well as link-backs embedded in your video to drive more traffic and link juice to your site! The best video sites are: This is the biggest and best of all video sites! Post ‘how to’ videos on YouTube to be come an ‘expert’. Build a niche and link related videos together to form a virtual library of information. All it takes to shoot a YouTube video is a video camera, a USB cord and an account. is video as well as a photo site. They allow you to post your videos and charge people to use them on their own sites or blogs! This is great, as you can make money over and over since you keep all rights to your work, and you can also demand link-backs be kept intact. A little higher quality is expected from iStock, so a tripod might be a good idea. is a well established site that pays ad revenue for not only your own videos, but for sharing videos that belong to other people. This gets links to go round in a big way. Share other videos, and they’ll share yours! pays out $100 when you reach 20,000 views – and $5 per 1000 views after that, so high traffic videos (called ‘viral’) can really take advantage of this to get some moolah in addition to links and views. is a contest site that likes funny, provocative content, and pays out if you hit the home page. Of course, home page vids get more links and attention, too!

    If you have the ability and know how for making informational and fun videos that people like to pass around, you might consider using that video cam to get some link love online. If you link to your videos from forums and blogs or on Twitter, you can increase the chances of others passing the link along and increasing your visibility – re-tweeted videos typically have a high click through rate.

    Make sure you tag your videos properly according to the site’s TOPS you are on. Many YouTube videos show up in search as ‘related’ if you have them tagged properly, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get more traffic and links!

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