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  • Ten Tips for Video SEO

    People are gradually waking up to the use of videos for marketing. But it is still one of the underutilized modes for SEO. Getting to the first page of search engine is what all websites aim at. They undertake SEO for that purpose. The chances of getting to that desired position are comparatively higher with a video on your page than with merely a content rich page. Such is the gaining importance of the visual medium. When used correctly, videos can prove an asset to your SEO campaign. Let us look at some tips to help you do that.

    video seo tips
    * First, you need to decide on what video you plan to post. Whether it would be a product video which works fine as you are talking straight to those interested in your product and so viewership increases. Or would you prefer an explainer video introducing your business to the viewer. This would work if you don’t have a specific product to sell and you can talk about your niche service through this video. Having an engaging video on your landing page, obviously leads to more hits, resulting in more popularity for your site and consequently helping in SEO.

    * Make short engaging videos to ensure that viewers’ attention is retained. Through this you can induce them into action and conversion rates can go up considerably.

    * You could also use videos to get people to your site. Adding a video to your site snippet could help you stand out from the other results on the search engine result page. This could attract browsers to your site and consequently increase footfall on your site.

    * Just make sure that you have an attractive thumbnail for your video to ensure that the viewers cannot resist clicking on it. Play on their curiosity factor to make them watch the video.

    * If you have many videos, do not post them all on one page. Distribute your videos to supplement the content on your site.

    * Ensure unique content and make it available only on your site, so that people have no other option but to watch the video on your domain. The chances of conversion increases this way.

    * Keep sharing and encourage sharing. Hype your video. Talk about it on your social circle. Mention it in your blogs. This is the only way you can reach to a wide audience.

    * Use your video to build up on your branding. The visual medium is the best way to establish visibility of your brand name and products. So make optimum use of it.

    * Just as in general SEO, you could submit your video sitemap to the search engines for your video to be indexed easily.

    * Supplement your video with relevant on-page content so that search engines index your page.

    Optimizing your video can be the best way to get exposure for your site or brand. Use it for entertaining, educating or promoting your product/service.

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