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  • XHTML- How Necessary Is It? Very!

    XHTML validation is becoming one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Unfortunately lots of SEO firms ignore the importance of XHTML, and  webmasters remain uninformed that they need to make their sites XHTML compliant.

    A top notch SEO service will always provide an XHTML validation service to allow webmasters to make their sites XHTML-compliant without writing a single line of code themselves.

    Why do you need XHTML validation?  One, it ensures that a site is indexed quickly by search engines; Two, it greatly improves the chances high ranking once indexed. More webmasters than ever have started converting their websites into XHTHML-compatible sites, and you can’t afford to be behind the curve.

     Regardless of the coding method used to create a site, your SEO firm ahould be able to provide a quick assessment, ensure that your site is tested on a variety of browsers to ensure cross-browser compatibility, and even if your site has been developed using old coding techniques it should be possible to make it XHTML compliant.

    SubmitEdge can offer best XHTML validation services on the internet. All you have to provide is an ftp detail or zip file. It usually takes only six days to complete the validation, unless there are many errors in which case correcting them can take longer.

    Not sure if you are compliant or not? Visit the SubmitEdge home page, and check for yourself using the tool under XHTML validation to see how many errors you have in your code. That’s the first step towards ensuring compliance for your website.

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