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  • Why You Should Hire an SEO from Day One

    New webmasters always hear about how important SEO is, but few ever hear why SEO is so important. In the abstract sense, they understand it has something to do with getting traffic, but they don’t always understand how it works or why they should outsource their SEO needs to professionals. All too often, many new webmasters underestimate how challenging and time consuming creating a strong optimized site is and don’t seek out professionals until they need site repair more than they need traffic building. Here are a few reasons why new webmasters should engage a professional SEO service.

    It is easier to start on the right foot than it is to fix things later. Many new webmasters start with the idea that they can handle the early lifespan of their site’s SEO needs on their own, they pile on the content, dump some links around the web here and there and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that rarely works, Their content is often not optimized for the keywords that will actually get them traffic and the links they place on their own often lack real value and relevance. With a start like that, it is difficult to get other sites to want to link into you which means you lose free organic links and traffic.

    Content is king. Anyone can write a blog post, and most webmasters know to include keywords in their post, but not how to use them effectively. There is a big difference between writing a post and writing an optimized post that provides solid anchor text, the proper keyword density and is also engaging to readers. Creating a post that Google bots will happily devour is not always easy but is essential if you want to get strong rankings in the SERPS. Again, it is easier to start on the right foot with a professional SEO copywriter than it is to repair less valuable un-optimized posts.

    Link building isn’t easy. Link building is not just a matter of dumping links all over the web. There is an actual strategy to it. You have to know not only where to link, but how to link. This refers to knowing that you don’t create nothing but links to your homepage, You need deep interior linking mixed as well. There is a need to know where your links will have the most value and how to create interior links so that you get the most value out of every page on your site as you can.

    It not only makes sense to bring in an established, reputable SEO service to get you started because they will get you started correctly, but also because in the long run it will save you time and money. Starting out isn’t easy. It takes a significant amount of time and time is money. If you value your site as much as you value your time and money, it only makes sense to use a professional SEO service to ensure you get the most of everything on your plate.

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