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  • Why You Need a Professional Linkbuilding Company

    Getting backlinks is one of the factors that helps make a site successful. Links are like a thumbs up for your site – the more you have that are relevant, the better you are perceived to be doing and the more your page rank rises. With an improved page rank, improved standing in the SERPs is often one of the benefits. As that leads to more potential views and conversions, you can see that getting that link juice is a big deal. There is a potential problem however that many people attempting to do their own SEO encounter when they start spreading around links that a professional SEO will warn them against every time – you can’t spread it on too thick.

    Spreading it on too thick with links comes in two different forms. In one scenario, you try to plant links everywhere too fast. If you plant 100 backlinks all over the web each day for a week, you are not only going to fail at fooling Googlebot, you are likely going to get penalized. Link building needs to be organic. Gaining links takes time and you can’t spam your links out en masse and not expect to get caught. It never works over the long haul so it isn’t worth the time and the penalties.

    The other scenario many DIY SEOs make is putting too many of their eggs in one basket. A problem many webmasters trying to do their own link building make is that they successfully get a backlink from one platform and then keep going back to it. There are two potential problems with this strategy. One is that you may get pegged by the platform for spamming and not only lose you links but lose access. You can only self promote so much before someone takes notice and then takes action against you.

    Similarly, you may invest yourself heavily in one platform and then lose everything if that platform up and disappears. For example, many DIY SEOs have used and abused nearly every Yahoo product for years. They are largely unregulated because so many are largely unused. Yahoo Groups is a great example. If you peruse any number of them, they have turned into noting more than link depositories. What happens when a new CEO, s is happening now, starts pulling the plug on those products one by one? You lose all those links.

    SEO is something you can do on your own to a degree – but why risk it? When it comes to link building, there are too many intricacies to be aware of for most to get maximum benefits. You have to know how to link organically, what platforms provide the best returns and which ones ill be around long enough to actually be of value. Building links improperly can get your site sandboxed by Google which is as close to the death of a site as you can get while still being on the web. To avoid this potential problem, it is far ore economical and sensible to engage an experienced, reputable SEO firm to handle link building for you.

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