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  • Why YOU Need a BLOG

    Have you wondered why you should have a blog? There are a number of good reasons, but here are some of the key points you need to consider about why a blog is good for you or your business. A blog can significantly help out your website. Citing lack of time or limited ideas for posts just won’t cut it – every business needs a blog! Blogging is really as simple as it gets if you pay attention to detail and remain consistent.

    An established blog with frequently added content will be spidered by Google often, and could even end up ranking #1 in Google for relevant phrases the same day as posting.  Google does value a good blog just as much as many mainstream sites.  Even blogs with a new post just every week or two can be somewhat effective, so don‘t look at your blog like a major undertaking. Just commit a minimum amount of time per week, and watch the results kick in. You won’t be disappointed. You can even outsource it, which is as simple as it gets.

    Here are some very good reasons you need a blog to help build your business and brand:

    • Blogs can get you rankings on long tailed search phrases which are highly valued.Blogs can get you increased traffic because you have opened up more avenues to your site.
    • Blogs can add credibility to your website and/or service or product. A profeesional/expert is respected – and that never hurts!
    • Blogs can bring you new customers.
    • Blogs can increase your visibility.
    • Blogs can allow you to share a social presence even if your website is technical in nature. There is an audience for everything – blogging can help you find and reach that audience.
    • Blogs can bring in free links. If you provide quality content, people will share it and that equals backlinks, traffic and maybe some conversions.
    • Blogs can gain you the respect of others in your field. That respect is nice on its own, but it can lead to professional referrals which are great.

    WordPress is a powerful platform and easy to use. The plug-ins available to help you are many, and the options available and support forums are there in case you get stuck or have trouble with customization issues. WordPress is near the gold standard if not the gold standard and you can start and continue for free as long as you want.

    Things to blog about include but are not limited to:

    • Launches of new products or services – what better way to get discovered?
    • Press releases or industry relevant news
    • About pages, FAQs and How to’s related to your product or service. The more information you provide, the more informed consumer base you build. That can lead to more conversions.
    • Detailed answers to or spin offs from reader comments. Answering people isn’t always suited to your main site. Answering in email is an option, but why not share it with everyone and build your authority in your field?
    • Posts SEOd for relevant long tailed phrases
    • Detailed product, service or tool descriptions, reviews and / or tutorials
    • Company history, customer testimonials, or interesting stories. Everyone loves a back story – it puts a face to your company which does not hurt.

    Once you start to blog, you will see your rankings slowly climb. Just be consistent – even if you can only commit to a biweekly post, make sure it gets done. You can even write content once a month and set it to post at regular intervals. Whatever strategy you use, just do it! You’ll be glad you did.

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