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  • Which Blog Platform Should You Choose – Blogger or WordPress?

    wordpress-blogger All of us today understand and appreciate the importance of blogging. Many blogging platforms are available to us today but two of them are really popular and they are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is a blogging platform from Google. You will be able to use these blogging platforms not only for blogging purposes but, you can also use them as your content management system to run simple websites. Though on the outset all the bogging platforms may seem to operate the same way, there are minor variations in the way they operate. Webmasters often wonder which blogging platform should be chosen for their blogging needs.

    If you are just running a personal blog then it does not matter what type of blogging platform that you are using, you can go with whichever platform you feel comfortable. Most people for personal blogging needs prefer to use blogger from Google as this is a very simple and user friendly blogging platform. You can install the blogging platform in a single click. For personal blogging purposes, Blogger is perfect. On the other hand, if you want to use blogging for other serious, business purposes, then it is best to go with WordPress.

    Why do we recommend WordPress for serious blogging reasons? If you are setting up a blog for SEO reasons or for search engine marketing reasons then it is important that you have some amount of flexibility. WordPress gives you that technical flexibility. For example, with your WordPress blog you will be able to set your own URLs for the blog posts with Blogger you do not have this option. Your URL plays a very important role in Google ranking. Firstly, the URL should be keyword rich and secondly, it should also be search engine friendly. You will be able to customize your blog post URLs to suit your needs.

    Besides the above advantage, WordPress has number of other SEO benefits. For example, you will be able to customize your H1 Tag on page by page basis, which is not possible with Blogger. Those who have some SEO background will understand the importance of H1 tag and how it can affect or help you keyword strength.

    Moreover, WordPress keeps the coding clutter to the minimum by having a separate file for the CSS. This also increases the loading speed of the web pages. This again is yet another SEO advantage. The next time when you want to set up a blog, pay attention to the above details so that you pick the right blogging platform. Working with WordPress will prove to be lot more helpful for those that have SEO in mind. The flexibility and the advanced features of WordPress will render to be really useful.

    Both Blogger and WordPress are well supported blogging platforms. If you should have any queries or doubts you will be able to have them clarified very easily by visiting the respective forums. The difference is therefore only in the flexibility and in the features that each platform offers.

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