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  • What Makes Your Website Different From The Others?

    All of us want our website to be ranked on top of all the search results. By this what are we expecting? We want the search engines to consider our website to be the most important site in the given field. However, if we have to assess our website how would be rate it without any business interest in mind? Unfortunately, if we have to give our websites genuine ratings we may be forced to give better ratings to other websites. Probably, that is what is happening now – search engines are rating other websites to be more important than your website! We have to remember here that the main aim of search engines is to provide its users with the most relevant information for the searches that they make. If we do not match that requirement then we are going to be buried deep down in the competition.

    If we take a closer look at the Worldwide Web, we will realize that there is so much of marketing junk on the internet. There are affiliate websites that are trying to earn their commission, there are content websites that are trying to make some adsense revenue, there is so much of duplicate content and useless information that are not really going to be useful for the user in anyway. In this scenario where does your website fit in. How is your website different from the other mess that you find online, can your website be considered an authority in the given field giving credible information to the online community? That is what we need to look at while trying to create a high traffic website. Though marketing is the main intention of our website, we must leave our marketing interests aside for a while and create quality content for our website and this will automatically attract the traffic that you need. All that you need to do is to review some top ranking websites and some of the websites that get highest traffic and Alexa ranking. You will see the difference in the quality of content, in the accessibility, in the usability, etc.

    There is no harm modeling your website based on these top rated websites and websites that enjoy great online success. We have our super heroes whom we follow and let our websites too have some quality models. However, make sure that you don’t copy the entire architecture of the website. Then your individuality will die out and you will not see the success that you are supposed to enjoy. After modeling your site based on the most popular and the most successful websites, start working on the other regular search engine marketing factors such as social book marking, link building etc. This will help your website to a large extent and you will see the difference for yourself. For a change you need to step down from the marketing platform and get on to the users seat to review your own website and this will help you in tailoring your website to suit your customers interests.

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