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  • What Is Your Online Marketing Strategy For 2013 Holiday Season?

    Soon we will be entering into the holiday season and you should already be having your marketing strategy ready for this holiday season. Your campaigns should have already been launched and if you have not yet started your holiday marketing campaign then it is you need to rush into it with war footing.
    online marketing strategy

    The first step here is to first decide on your marketing strategy. What is your online marketing strategy? Are you going to go full swing with Social Bookmarking? Are you planning to send out press releases? Are you targeting the Web 2.0 properties and generating links or are you just going to feel complacent with your PPC campaigns? Before you start implementing any strategies, you should know the route you are going to take.
    • First, list all the avenues and strategies that are available at your disposal.
    • Secondly, set aside your holiday marketing budget. You can do so many things today to market one’s website. Given the competition level that is prevailing today how much ever you do, it will still be insufficient. This simple calls for prioritization of the strategies. You set a priority list based on your budget and start implementing the strategies.
    • Double check whether the strategies that you have short-listed is in line with Google’s latest policies.
    • Regardless of the strategies that you select, you should make it a point also to club it with content marketing strategy. Google continues to emphasize on the importance of content. Align your strategies to be in line with Google’s guidelines.
    • Start your campaigns early enough and do not wait until the last moment. Search engines including Google need some time to index your efforts and to rank your website based on your latest efforts.
    • The only effort that you can keep it for the last moment is press release distribution. However, you cannot limit your efforts only with press releases. Distribution of press releases can only be a supportive strategy.
    • If you are using social media marketing as your mainstream strategy then you should start it right away and continue with your efforts right through the holiday season to keep the momentum. Here again, you will need time to gain the momentum that is required to make a difference.
    • Make sure to either find a company to take care of your holiday marketing requirements or assign someone that will work full time on your marketing needs. The idea here is that consistent and regular efforts should go in starting right from today. Sporadic or random efforts will not help you achieve the expected goal. If you are planning to hire a service provider, you should make sure to identify reputed service providers that will not damage your online brand reputation. Google these days never allows any non-sense as far as ranking efforts or concerned.

    All the best with your holiday marketing efforts for this year. With careful planning and consistent efforts, you will be able to boost your website’s ranking and drive the required holiday traffic.

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