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  • What is Google Base?

    Some time back Google launched its new service, called. Not many people know about Google base, and even search engine optimizers have very little idea as to what Google base is, in fact considering that its an innovation launched by Google, Google base has yet to gain much popularity. This however does not mean that Google base will not gain popularity, Google base is still in the beta version, and should eventually be popular.

    The first thing that you need to know is what is Google base? Google base is designed to offer people the opportunity to host their web content, documents, videos and other multimedia files, without having to make a website or without having to spend money on domain names. For example, if you want to sell off his old LPs, then all you need to do is register with Gmail, and then create an entry with Google base. Just like any regular website, the next time anyone searches for old LPs, your entry with Google base might just show up in Google search, even without you having a website. That is the power of Google base.

    If you do have a website, that does not mean that you cannot make use of Google base, just like ebay, and other auction sites, you can make an entry into Google base, and you can then create a link to your website. The search engine optimization value of Google base is still not clear, not many people have been able to understand the complete working of Google base, and also since Google base is still in beta version, no one really knows what Google’s objective is. Google base can be used as an alternative to ebay, as it does have pretty much all the same elements, only there is no bidding system like ebay, and it does not look like an ebay clone either. On the other hand people claim it will assist in Google’s dream of the Google universal search, as people can freely upload whatever they want like documents, presentations etc, without having to have a website, thus making a Google database of multimedia components that can the be searched later using Google universal search.

    Currently however even the examples mentioned in the Google base database, no longer show search results from Google in the first page, this is because Google is biased to websites, more than anything else. And from a search engine optimization point of view, websites can be optimized, where as there is very limited optimization that can be carried out on a Google base entry. As per Google the most effective way of improving your Google base ranking is to optimize the attributes that are assigned to each item (that is the term that Google base uses for all its entries, be it a service, a product or a document) in Google base. However apart from that there is very little you can do to optimize an item in Google base for better search results.

    At the same time lets not overlook the potential that Google base has to offer to search engine optimizers, you can make an entry into Google base, ( and then add to your website’s popularity. The overall impact of the link from Google base results is still not know, and a a search in Google base will reveal mostly websites, but the objective of Google base seems to be to create a database of pretty much everything, a person can make new entries to the existing categories of Google base if he feels his category is not listed there. So what the overall impact of Google base on search engine optimization is going to be no one can say, but it would be foolish to completely ignore Google base.

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