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  • What Do You Do When Social Media Platforms Are Down?

    Several people turn to Social Media every single morning to let people know “Look, I am alive and I have a life.” There is no doubt that it is great platform for individuals and brands to engage with many other people as well as customers. However, what will one do when these platforms backfire because their systems are down? Thoughts like; Is the end near? Or is it the beginning of a new Apocalypse? keep provoking you, don’t they?
    What will be the next step you take?

    social media meltdown

    1. Talk to Family/People
    Yes, PEOPLE. They do exist and can be good sometimes too.
    Image: Talk to people

    2. Read Books
    A book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self. Make the most of it.

    3. Admire the scenic beauty around you
    Do a little more than just existing in such a beautiful world.

    4. Go Backpacking
    There is a lot more to do once you get out of the room. Explore the world full of opportunities.

    We surely are social creatures. However, that does not only men we should only socialize online. Do not close yourself within the barriers of likes and comments, know what the real world has to offer and get out there. It is pretty essential to learn to stand by yourself. But, it is powerful to know that you surely can.

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