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  • What Are The Dangers Of DIY SEO?

    Very often web masters are tempted to take care of their own website’s SEO. Especially small and medium sized business owners are guilty of this. Is there anything wrong with DIY SEO? Certainly not, there is nothing wrong in DIY SEO but we cannot overlook the possible dangers in DIY SEO.
    diy seo

    What are the possible dangers in DIY SEO? Firstly, you will have to understand that SEO is an ocean. It is not just one, two, or handful of techniques that you can implement and get over with. If you are a half-baked SEO professional then you will cause more damage to your website than the good your SEO can bring to your website. You really need to be an expert to effectively execute top SEO strategies and to rank your websites. Very often, self-made SEO experts pick up a few techniques and strategies from the online forums or blogs and try them on their website without really understanding the complete dynamics of the strategies used. Moreover, they do not know how to implement the SEO strategies in a search engine friendly way.

    While adequate knowledge is a very important aspect of SEO, adequate time is another important aspect of DIY SEO. Before you embark on any of your SEO efforts you should first check whether you will have enough time to carry it through all the way. SEO is an on going process. Your SEO efforts should continue as long as your website is there. This simply means that you will have to put in regular efforts on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Many website owners start enthusiastically but they do not have the luxury of time to take care of this demanding task. This is one of the dangers of DIY SEO. If you do not put in regular efforts then your website will succumb to the pressure of competition.

    Thirdly, many DIY SEO experts miss out on the latest SEO strategies and it is simply because they do not have access to the industry news and the evolving SEO strategies. The competition out there is very severe. If you want to lead the competition online, you should make use of the latest strategies.

    Moreover, search engines like Google are continually tightening their belts on ranking websites. You cannot use any manipulative strategies; the efforts you are taking should be in line with the latest Google ranking algorithm. Many a times DIY SEO professionals do not pay attention to such details and end up using strategies that conflict with Google’s ranking algorithm. Google has already penalized thousands of websites for the use of such strategies. Many websites lost their ranking with Google Panda and Penguin updates.

    If you think that you can withstand all these challenges and do a good job, then you can take up your own SEO. It is very important that you are not over-confident about your own skills in SEO. Be realistic and take up your website’s search engine optimization only if are sure that you know what you are doing.

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