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  • Using Google Trends for Linkbait


    Linkbait is the best hope your site has of going viral. How do you know what’s hot? Try tracking trends of recently searched keywords.

    Google Trends shows hot search queries on Google at any given time. You can monitor Google Trends regularly and write stories based on hot terms. Google displays a daily summary of data, and you can exploit this to get more hits.

    While most big blogs and mainstream media sites are indexed by Google several times per day and usually have great Page Rank already, add ing in the fact that the latest news gets an automatic bump and you have a recipe for exploitation!

    Two topics that are frequent flyers on Google Trends are political or celebrity gossip. You can build a post around that topic, using SEO to catch the buzzwords. Look for hot queries that people are typing in and use the query term in the title of the post.

    On a high page rank, frequently indexed site, the newness of the content will push up towards to top of the first page of results. Not peanuts either – the top few spots get tens of thousands of hits per day.

    Is this good or “bad” behavior? It’s not black hat SEO tactics to trick Google, it’s just leverage of PageRank.

    You can do sensible stuff, however, by banking on the fact that some people will sift through results to lower levels, get a new angle on the topic, keyword optimize for the trend, add the date, and watch yourself start getting some overflow traffic. If your content is erally good, it will get passed around and could go viral. Pics, videos and humour are good for this. It’s what memes are all about!

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