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  • Using Content Writing Skills to Generate Links

    Common PitFalls Content Marketing

    There are many things to learn before you take that first big step into the world of professional webmastering. There will be a million more to learn during the next hundred steps, but fortunately there are a million resources you can take advantage of! You probably know by now that content and links are what make the internet go round, and if you want to stop at the top of the Ferris wheel you need to have plenty of both.

    The first step is to evaluate your site and list keywords and topics that will make good content starting points. You also need to find places to build an online portfolio, and venues to publish your content Article sites are good places to showcase your content, and you can use a blog as well. You should also surf some of the websites and blogs and see what people want that you can deliver.

    The demand for well written content for online marketing encompasses every possible subject. Articles, blog posts and E-books are in demand, or you can offer to write a chapter in a technical manuals or lay out newsletters in return for a link. Even graphics integration is highly sought after by those who have no expertise in adding video or pictures to their work, and getting it free for a link seems a good trade. Website designers often need content writers who are familiar with layout procedures as well. Large blogs are always looking for qualified writers to contribute and will not mind giving you a linkback.

    Learning the basics of search engine optimization, or SEO, is imperative to anyone an online marketing career. You will be expected to know how to include keywords and keyword phrases in your article smoothly and without being obvious. You’ll need to be clear, informative and coherent – people won’t want your work on their site or blog if it looks like text speak.

    If you don’t write well, consider hiring a writer. You can find these at online freelance writing workplaces, or under the wing of an SEO firm. Pay attention to crafting your job descriptions and make sure you hire someone with a good reputation and an understanding of your needs. It will pay off down the line!

    Expect to start out slow to get your foot in the door, then (after you have built your reputation) you should be able to find many places to give content in exchange for a link. You will also receive feedback on many sites, which will help you build credibility. Remember, you want to be seen as an authority.

    It could take several months or a year to become established, but with hard work and diligence you should be able to find a niche to call your own. Building links through the distribution of content is one of the best ways to start having people recognize you as an authority in your chosen area of expertise.

    As you advance and grow, try to stretch your abilities slowly and learn new skills. Educate yourself constantly, and you will have an ever widening pool of projects to choose from. You know you have arrived when you start getting invited to bid on projects, and people offer you bonuses for a job well done or try to hire you on as permanent staff!

    Be prepared for hard work and disappointments along the way, but if you are truly set on making writing your long term goal, passion and possible income generator then the best way to go about it is to – write!

    Surround yourself with other writers, and ask for respect in the form of honest opinion. You don’t have to change your view point or even your article if you don’t agree with a criticism, but keep an open mind. An outside look can sometimes spot a weakness where you can’t.

    Never give up. Persistence pays off if this is what you really want. You have to commit, though, and be proactive if you want to make it in the competitive market of online writing.

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