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  • Using a Virtual Spokesperson on your Website

    A virtual or walk on spokesperson can add a lot to your website and help reduce bounce rates.

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    An online spokesperson can help you connect with your customers and provide a better experience. Your webpage layout and site design are important, but you need something extra to pull customers back in if they get confused or discouraged.  A walk on spokesperson is a great way to do this job as well as take some of the guesswork out of where to put your ‘call to action’ on the page.

    Online video lets you instantly interact with prospective customers; when they arrive at your site, they can be greeted and  the benefits of your product or service explained by a professional personable representative. A web spokesperson can share your call to action directly with the customer.

    A virtual spokesperson can:

    • Capture your customers attention early
    • Keep them on the site
    • Explain your goals
    • Tell the visitor how you can help them
    • Provide a  ‘face’ for your brand.

    If you are having trouble with people clicking through to your site, and leaving shortly thereafter without making a purchase, an online spokesperson can be put in the game to draw your visitor in and perhaps supply information that convinces them they were right all along in visiting your site. You can even offer an incentive for them to stay,  and present your information in a format that engenders trust on the part of the viewer.

    Best of all, research shows that you can increase your conversion rates by using online spokespersons. Using video to present your call to action leaves a more lasting impression than text alone.

    Consider adding a walk on spokesperson to your own website, and reap the benefits of a better informed customer base, a stronger call to action and a higher conversion rate. You can even test different pages to include a spokesperson on, such as your FAQ, your shopping cart, or even as a goodbye and thank you after a purchase.

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