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  • Undervalued Keyword Phrase Optimization

    Keyword Phrase

    The trick to chasing the long tail is to find little monetized keywords you can use to your advantage. Often these phrases are clumsy enough that not many webmasters will bother trying to optimize for them, but ignoring a phrase with over 4,000 searches per month and virtually no search results is a mistake!

    If you see an awkward phrase that is not getting any attention from advertisers as seen by the minimal cost of advertising, but also notice there are no direct matches on the SERPs for that keyword phrase, you should make a move. If you can corner the market on 4,000 searches per month, you can make a killing in conversions!

    You need to prepare pages with optimized content to be indexed by the search engines. If the phrase is customer service outsource, it might seem hard at first to weave it in.

    Google used to ignore words like a, an, the, and, it, but, and many others. Some say soon ‘stop words’ such as these are no longer to be disregarded, although others say that Google has gotten smart enough to know the difference between insignificant words and ones that have import. You will often see Google results turning up saying they ‘omitted the word —-“, so Google does try to anticipate your needs.

    Best bet? Try to get the main keyword phrase in intact, or only using punctuation to make it grammatically correct, and use variations including stop words as your secondary keyword phrases.

    Here goes, a paragraph optimized for the awkward phrase:

    “Optimizing Your Customer Service? Outsource To Save Time and Money!”

    Chances are the  biggest man hour and wages drain department in your company is customer service. Outsource options exist that can bring your costs down significantly, but care must be taken to ensure quality control.When you make the decision to hand off your customer service to outsource companies, you want to ensure they won’t alienate your clientele. Outsourcing customer service should only be done if the benefits clearly outweigh the complications.

    Get the idea? Once this page is indexed, you’ll have a terrific chance of it getting ranked well on the results pages, especially if you can manage to get some decent links to it.

    Another thing to consider would be devoting some AdWords money to the phrase – the cost is minimal and you might be able to rank some nice clicks. Run a short one or two month campaign to see how it works out.

    This is only one example of how you can start ranking for undervalued keyword phrases that contain an awkward combination that seems clumsy to optimize for. Don’t overlook these opportunities to capitalize on high search volume and potential conversions.

    Once you have found a phrase to optimize for, invest a month of time and money in it to see if it pays off.  These tactics won’t work every time, but you might just find a huge traffic driver that can increase your sales rate considerably!

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