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  • Top Ten Reasons for a Blog

     Reasons for a Blog

    If you are struggling to get your website off of the ground, blogging can help! There are ten very good reasons for blogging that can boost traffic to your site, result in multiple back links and in general kick start your business in the right direction.

    1) You can SEO your blog to attract extra traffic, which you can then funnel to your website naturally. You can also use it as a testing ground for new ads, optimization tricks and other trial features.

    2) Blogs are more inviting than websites to the average layperson. Many people prefer an informal approach, and a chance to browse before they settle down to serious research.

    3) You can get away with all types of things on a blog that would never fly on a conventional website. You can be daring, silly and downright outrageous, and people will love it!

    4) A blog can prove a valuable place to stick all the links people are asking you to put on your site – you can use it as a bargaining chip and get links in exchange, but back to your site instead of the blog itself.

    5) It is relatively easy to add content on your blog on a daily basis. Spiders love to see fresh content turning up on a regular schedule, and if you keep it exciting you can draw the same people back time and time again. Install an RSS feed, and you can get a large amount of daily traffic!

    6) You can hold contest, polls and discussions on a blog to attract attention without compromising your main site. You can use these attractions to direct visitors to your website and offer freebies as a prize for their adding themselves to your e-newsletter subscription list.

    7) You can have a lot of interesting and helpful information on your blog that becomes well known, and your blog may be linked to because of particular posts or insights. You can capitalize on this by letting visitors have the chance to put your pages up for social bookmark sites – just install the easy buttons and maybe you’ll get Dugg!!

    8) You can link back and forth from your blog to your site and vice versa. You can link out from your blog to helpful sites and articles, and maybe people will bookmark you just for knowing where to send them for that wonderful, information.

    9) A blog is mostly text, which gives you multiple chances to keyword optimize and embed links that can pull your visitor deep inside your site for greater conversions. Don’t let this great opportunity slip[ away!

    10) Finally, blogs are fun. The can decompress you and offer stress relief. Blogging after a long day gives you the opportunity to unwind, to vent, or just to relax and have a laugh or two.

    Do take advantage of the support your blog can give your website! With the many easy programs available today, there is no excuse not to have one!!

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