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  • Top 10 Tips Every Twitter Beginner Should Know

    Not everyone knows how to use Twitter effectively. Experience is a far greater teacher than knowledge in this regards. You do not have to experiment extensively to know how does Twitter work. Here is a small guide for people who are still struggling to use Twitter:

    Top 10 Tips Every Twitter Beginner Should Know

    1.You do not need to go through every tweet
    This one is a big relief considering the number of times an average user tweets per day. This number can go high according to the niche or industry you follow. Expanding on this more – a person following 100 people will see on an average 2200 tweets. If a person following 1000 people is compared to a scale, he would be reading content that is enough to fill the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. So do not even attempt to read every tweet. Go on to know how to manage Twitter best.

    2.Twitter Lists is the way to do it
    For a newbie, it could be overwhelming at first considering the retweets, avatars appearing in the feed. Twitter Lists make organizing tweets easier. You only see the most vital and unique content that is not sponsored and is from the select group of people. It keeps your feed relevant and minimalist.

    3.Responding to all
    People who have been on Twitter long enough to have a substantial number of followers may find this one difficult. However, newbies should take this point seriously. A major part of engaging on Twitter is growing connections by responding every time.

    Retweeting, favoriting or mentioning you in a comment means someone is trying to connect with you.

    4.Schedule your tweets with a tool like Buffer
    Being consistent is one of the most important things on Twitter. Buffer is a great tool to help you share relevant things without having to stay on all the time. With Buffer, you can simply curate and queue all the posts you want. They are dispersed accordingly and can be monitored with the help of analytics.

    5.A good bio is the key
    A dynamic, engaging bio offers a lot of plus for the followers and the followed. It is how you introduce yourself and a powerful bio can be the key to more quality followers. A descriptive well crafted bio is an ideal way to put your best foot forward on Twitter. Here is a low down on the key components of the bio –
    Accuracy, Excitement, Relevance, Accomplishment, Interests, Interesting, Connecting – These help create a strong bio for anyone.

    6.Engage with people directly –
    This is a fail proof way to connect and enjoy the social atmosphere on Twitter and get the maximum out of using the network. Most often people will appreciate the little things like giving them a hat tip or ‘HT’ for something they shared that you liked.

    7. Understanding @ mentions
    @ mentions are the fodder for great conversations and better engagement on Twitter. You should know how they really work. If there is a tweet you want everyone to see, starting with @ should be avoided. Twitter understands your intention behind it to keep it private.

    8. It is fine to retweet the same thing several times
    There is no reason why content that you created and has become popular with your audiences should not be shared again. Here are three ways how re sharing helps.

    – Generate more traffic to the blog
    – Reach out to audiences across multiple time zones
    – Get new followers

    Reposting content is a good thing. Do not think whether you have already shared something you come across.

    9. Do not just pursue an enviable follower-following ratio
    Yes, it can be quite a pursuit but chasing this ratio is of no real relevance. You are on Twitter to engage. By following someone who followed you, it is a great way to show you noticed and you are glad to connect back.

    Do not be selective as it is quite detrimental to your growth. The best way to ensure full engagement is following as many people as you can.

    10. Best Advice about Twitter
    Do not tweet about yourself all the time but focus on others as well. This point is very similar to content marketing strategies – focus on them. This can help you a lot in the Twitter game.

    What are the things you wished you had known about using Twitter?

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