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    One of the important aspects of SEO is to measure the results of our SEO efforts and to keep track of the progress of your website. In order to keep track of your SEO results you can use a number of free tools that are available. Let us take a quick look at some of the most common tools that will help your SEO efforts.

    One of the most versatile tools is Google Analytics. This tool helps you understand your website’s overall performance. It helps you gain insights into the nature of your website’s visitor traffic. Once you sign up for your Google analytics account your website can be monitored closely. Google analytics has a very user friendly interface that can be understood easily even a first time user. However, if you don’t understand, you can find detailed help notes on using this tool.

    Google analytics presents you with a number of charts that will paint a clear picture about the behavior of the visitors to your website. You can keep track of the number of visitors to your website, how they landed your website, what search engine they used and for what keywords they searched for etc. You can also keep track of traffic that resulted through ad campaigns that you run. Often the amount of data that we can collect through this free tool will leave us complacent with the thought we have collected all the information possible about our site. But all these information that we gather should be interpreted so that you can make your next move to make use of the current trend if it is good or to improve upon our efforts if the trend is not that good.

    The next important tool which is again from Google is the Google toolbar. For our purposes here we are concerned about the “Page Rank” feature. When you enable the pagerank feature, you can keep an easy track of your website’s page rank. Along with the pagerank tool there are two more useful tools integrated one is the Google cache tool. This will tell you when your site was crawled by Google. This will also tell you how your site appeared when it was last crawled. By keeping track of the crawling history you can see approximately estimate Google’s crawling cycle. The third tool that is integrated with the pagerank tool is the back link calculator. When you are engaged in link building for your website you will be able to see the progress in terms of the indexed back links. All these tools tell you how Google is interacting with your website and how your SEO efforts are bearing results.

    There are many more free SEO tools available on the worldwide web. All these tools help us gain better insights about our website and it is not the collection of data that is important, what is more important is to interpret the data and correlate it with our SEO efforts so that we can make necessary changes to our approach.

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