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  • Thinking Beyond Your Website To Get Traffic

    If you are in the battlefield, you will be forced to think of more than one way to protect yourself and to slay your opponent. You cannot afford to stick only to conventional methods; you need to innovate only then you can survive. The same applies to search engine marketing too. Every niche today is saturated and there is not a single niche that we can identify that is without competition. In such situations, we cannot afford to stick only to traditional methods and be content with the results. However, this is not to mean that we should totally abandon the conventional methods.

    One of the areas that we need to incorporate into our search engine marketing efforts is public relations. One of the secrets of popularizing a brand is to create a buzz about the product or service using a specific set of keywords that can eventually be associated with your product or service. Identify a set of keywords pertinent to your products or services and use them in all your public relation efforts, including meetings, press meets, print material, television commercials etc. You must optimize your website too for these keywords; when enough buzz is created about such keywords in the media then you can expect more people to use those key phrases to look for your services and if your optimization is strong enough, then you can attract all these traffic.

    This strategy should be well planned to ensure the best results. You must involve all the department in the process of identifying the keywords and it should not be done with a off the shelf keyword tool as such an approach is just an elementary stage. What we are talking here is advanced search engine marketing. So never give into the temptation to settle with keyword suggestion tools. After short-listing the keywords, check for the competitiveness of such keywords online and analyze how well you can compete with such keywords. Select keywords that you think are captivating and at the same time something with relatively lesser competition.

    If you have an official blog or other social media or social networking efforts, you must link your official websites from the external sources using the select keywords that you have identified for public relations. This will reinforce your efforts.

    All you press releases too should contain those keywords and most importantly in the headlines and in the first three lines of your press release content. Furthermore, even while addressing a press meet or when your company’s spokesperson is addressing a group your chosen keywords should be strategically used in speeches. One of the advantages is that when your speech is quoted in the media, your keywords will get popularized making more people to use those keywords. In addition, all news items come online so when people search using your keywords, your news item is likely to show up. This will help you increasing the online visibility of your brand. Therefore, if you want to drive traffic to your website, then you must take a holistic approach rather than just limiting yourself to adding few tags to your website and to PPC campaigns.

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