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  • The ripples of a word wave


    Words have been known to be the most expressive form of communication, and freedom of speech has been a part of almost every democratic country’s law. Sadly, the world just witnessed the repercussions of this act of freedom. A popular French magazine faced an unexpected slur of radical gunmen mid-day in Paris.

    Comic strips and cartoons have been a part of the global reading scene, since always. Although the intention of a comic strip is to stir up a little humor and bring a smile to your face, no one imagined that making the world smile could result in end with guns and ammunition. Is this how you would reward a person or people who aim to bring a smile to your face?

    Paris, we’re with you! We will stand by you and support the freedom of speech, our right! Words are not subjected to cast, tribe or religion, in fact words are a tool to communicate values and morale of religion. So, we standby you Paris. Speak your heart out, continue to use them to reach out to the masses.


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