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  • The flip side of Guest Blogging

    Too much of anything can be dangerous. Same is the case with guest blogging. Guest blogging is being overused and abused as a link grabbing strategy. This will obviously not go down well with the policy keepers of SEO and they may be forced to do away with the very practice of guest blogging. So before things come to that, it is better to apply some discretion.

    blog Blogging is the best way to gain traffic for the intended site and build up a brand status for your business. In case you are looking at increasing the prospects of your business, guest blogging is an activity you can seriously consider taking up. But on the flip side, if you are not an accomplished blogger and are yet to establish yourself as a writer, then the entire process may take time and the results may be slow to come by. However, that is fine as it will surely have the desired effect, even if gradual; but if you try to take the shortcut route, then it may misfire.

    Guest blogging if done the right way is sure to bring recognition to your business and take it to the next level. Which website you select to post your blog will decide the traffic that it will bring in. So choose with care so that you do not end up being saddled with low quality links which will bring discredit to your site. Google will crack down on guest blogging if indulged in solely for link acquisition. Matt Cutts also instruct guest blogger in his blog post the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO that if you do high quality guest blogging in a natural way then it will surly help your website to rank high.

    Never compromise on the content quality. When you overdo guest blogging, the quality of the articles tends to go down. Spinning articles or submitting just variations of the same article to different guest blogging sites will make you lose your credibility. Do not risk the reputation of your site.

    Google recently posted a video revolving around the topic of guest blogging abuse. They have warned against making guest blogging the sole link building strategy. It warns against sending out thousands of mails to random sites offering to guest blog for them. It says the writers should beware of taking an article and spinning it too many times or using the same guest article on separate sites. This could lead to them earning disfavor of the search engine.

    Guest blogging is an excellent medium, provided it is done in moderation. And the best option is if you could post the blogs on your own site and then gain hits for it, purely based on the quality of your content. This would ensure followers for your blog and a regular fan-base would guarantee hits for you and consequently your site. So even if it may seem an uphill task at the moment, persevere and be persistent in your efforts to build up on your guest blogging credibility and eventually success will be yours.

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