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  • Steps For Creating Your Link Building Master Plan

    Inevitably, whether you like it or not if you have a website, you need to promote your website online if you want to see any business or sale out of your website. One of the most crucial aspects of your website promotion is link building. This post is to emphasize the importance of creating a master plan for your website’s link building. it is not enough to make some random efforts but you need to take highly focused link building efforts and it has to be a consistent one for that matter. Here are the steps we recommend that you follow in drawing up your link building master plan.

    The first step is to clearly identify the niche industry and to place your website correctly in your niche and also to identify the connections of your links with the other related niches. For example if you are selling travel insurance online then the main category will be insurance industry and the sub category will be travel industry. However, placing your links in travel websites will prove to be more beneficial than just advertising or placing your links in general insurance websites. You need this clarity when you are building your link building master plan.

    Secondly, you need to list all the link building strategies that are available at your disposal. Whether you are going to use all of them, whether you are going to handle them all by yourself, etc., are secondary. Nevertheless, you should have a complete list of link building strategies that are available today. This list has to be continually updated because new strategies constantly evolve and you should keep yourself up to date with all the strategies.

    Thirdly, not all link building strategies will be equally effective for your niche. In other words, you should identify the strategies that will work for your niche and prepare the list in terms of priority. In the list that you have prepared certain link building strategies have to be used on ongoing basis while others can be used from time to time. For example, link baiting is a strategy that can be used on an ongoing basis whilst press releases can be done from time to time.

    Fourthly, before you start any link building process you should get your keywords list ready. Along with that, you should also get your anchor texts ready. You cannot use the same anchor text for all your links because Google will mark your website for link spamming. So try to create as many variations as possible for your anchor text and use them systematically in your link building process.

    Finally, you should decide your link building budget. Every business, whether you are a small sized business or a large business, you are likely to have your own budget constraints. So it is vital that you have a clear understanding on how much of funds that you can allocate for your link building needs.

    These are the general steps in drawing up a master plan for your link building efforts.

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