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  • Stay Away From Black Hat Tricks

    If you are really interested in taking your website to better position in terms of ranking you better stay away from black hat SEO tricks. They will hinder your website’s success contrary to your interests. The term black hat tricks is used to refer to actions that are meant to cheat the search engines so as to get good ranking or to attract an user to your site by misleading a visitor.

    There are hundreds of black hat tricks and you can see how creative people can get when it comes to deceiving and fooling the search engines. If only such creativity is shown in white hat SEO efforts you will certainly be able to get an excellent ranking for your website. One of the fortunate or unfortunate things about black hat tricks is that they don’t remain for a long period of time each trick has a short life span before they are reported.

    There are some black hat tricks that are still used such as using the same text color as the background color. The user who visits the page will not be able read this portion of the text but that is not the case for search engine spiders. Often the black hat magicians add this text at the bottom of page hoping that the search engine spiders will be attracted to that text. If you come across a webpage next time with a huge empty space then you can suspect that something is fishy. Next time when you come across such pages with empty space at the bottom try to right click your mouse and drag the mouse till the end of the page as if you are selecting some text in the page, if there is any hidden text then you will be able to see it when you highlight that area by selecting the hidden text through your mouse.

    Refrain from such tricks even though you may get good results out of it because it may not last for long before someone reports your website. If you have a heavy competition in the market then your competitors are keeping an eye on every move of yours and your successes they will look for things that they use against you and your success. Once they find that your site has used black hat tricks they have got a trump card to play against you.

    There are many black hat tricks which I don’t want to discuss here because instead of learning a good lesson out of that they can get additional tips of black hat tricks that they can start using for their site in spite of the warning that is given. There are plenty of white hat tricks that you can use for your website and more and more innovative ways of optimizing your site for better results and better traffic are constantly emerging. Keep visiting this section regularly to find quality SEO tips and tricks that you can safely use to optimize your website.

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