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  • Social Bookmarking – What You Should Not Do?

    When you are marketing your website and when you are making use of the latest strategies such as social bookmarking, it is important to know exactly the things that you should do; however, what is even more important is to know what you should not do. Why we say that it is very important to that you know what you should not do as far as social bookmarking is concerned? If you are not doing the things that you should do, your efforts will be less effective; on the other hand, if you do things that you are not supposed to be doing it will not only be affecting the effectiveness of your strategy but it will also put your website to great risk. Google is now becoming increasingly stricter by day in terms of ranking websites. The search engine does not tolerate any manipulative social bookmarking strategies.

    Here are list of few important things that you should not do when you are making social bookmarks. First important ‘don’t’ with regard to social bookmarking is, ‘do not use any automated tool to make your social bookmarks.’ Make use of manual submission strategy because that is the most search engine friendly way to make bookmarks.

    Secondly, do not make random social bookmarking efforts. Plan a clear strategy on your social bookmarking efforts. First select all the top social bookmarking sites and create social bookmarks in a strategic way. Do not use the same text for all your social bookmarks. If you use the same linking text for all your links then it will be considered a spam by Google. As per the latest Google ranking algorithm, websites that have all the links pointing to them using the same text are penalized. Use variety keywords and key phrases for creating your bookmarks.

    Do not add random tags to your social bookmarks. Plan your tags very carefully because the success of your social bookmarking efforts depends greatly on the careful selection of the tags.

    Do not make bookmarks in social bookmarking sites that have bad reputation. Like you get your online visibility boosted by making social bookmarks in reputed sites, making bookmarks in poor quality sites will affect your website.

    Do not submit your social bookmarks in the wrong categories. It will affect the quality of your results.

    Do not make social bookmarks in multiple categories it will water down the effectiveness of your efforts.

    Above all, do not spam the social bookmarking sites with multiple bookmarks and with marketing messages. This will bring down your ranking and affect your website’s online reputation. You need to be extremely careful to ensure that your website is not blacklisted by Google for manipulative measures. Once your website is black listed then the negative effects will be sustained for a long time obstructing your website from making any progress in terms of ranking.

    Make the best use of social bookmarking to drive more traffic to your website. Keep to the industry’s best practices on social bookmarking and you enjoy excellent benefits.

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