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  • Snapchat introduces ‘Discover’ to keep you updated

    Snapchat is widening on the social media grounds with its quick and tricky features. Exploring new things on this app does not take a halt. On Wednesday, Snapchat announced its new feature ‘Discover’ in its blog. If you have not followed it, look for its exquisite features mentioned below.

    Discover for fresh

    Partnership with big monsters
    Snapchat has made browsing easy for all its users to get the daily updates from various artists, publishers and also from the editorial staff of Snapchat. This app has partnered with giant sites like CNN, Vice, Yahoo News, Comedy Central, National Geographic, Daily Mail, ESPN, Food Network, and Cosmopolitan.

    New to Discover everytime
    The blog read that you can now watch the stories in full screen photos & videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising, the blog. As every edition is refreshed after 24 hours, users will be discovering something new always. Because, Snapchat says “what’s news today is history tomorrow”.

    So, those brands who want to showcase themself, Snapchat is an absolute ground for you. You can advertise along with the content on the page.

    This is how you use ‘Discover’
    This smart feature is absolute user-friendly. You just have to open any edition. You can then swipe left or up to browse more or simply snap.

    To Conclude
    As Snapchat, now highlights on advertising it has found a new mean to earn money as well for brands. ‘Discover’ is available on Android and iOS. So, discover more to explore more!

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