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  • Six Steps to a Winning Blog Post

    Do you know how to create a blog post that not only gets read but gets shared around as well? What often happens with blog posts is that visitors will read the first paragraph and the either scan or skip the bulk of the rest of the content if you cannot hook them fast. Today, we’re going to talk about how to craft blog posts that really do get read and get shared. It has a little something to do with SEO and a little something to do with salesmanship. When done correctly, you have irresistible content – and that is the aim of every webmaster.

    1. Your first paragraph has got to be very strong. You need to use your keywords to help reinforce in the reader’s mind what information you will deliver. Ideally, you will do this in the first two sentences and no later. You also want to tell readers in no uncertain terms why they need the information – never assume they will figure it out on their own. Being blunt right away works.
    2. Include a graphic of some sort that is relevant to your message. If the content allows, it is okay to be a little cute with this. Studies show that posts that contain a graphic hold readers on the page longer. The better the graphic, the better readers assume the textual content will be. Plus, a great graphic is sometimes enough on its own to get a post shared.
    3. The third step is to deliver on what you’ve promised in the first paragraph. Make sure you write clearly, but use an engaging tone. Don’t be afraid to draw the reader in using language that fosters familiarity. If a reader feels comfortable with the content there is a greater chance they will connect with the content and view it favorably. This lends itself to shares and return visits.
    4. Don’t write down to your readers because it will put them off, but don’t try to show off and write using terms they won’t be familiar with. Strike a happy medium and stick with it. If you have to use technical jargon, explain it. If a reader has to leave your page to look something up, there is a good chance they won’t return. Don’t provide them with any reason to leave ever!
    5. Close your post strong. Don’t be afraid to tell your readers that you delivered everything you promised. Detail, for instance, that you took them step by step through how to write an effective blog post. Remind them that you explained why each step is important. Finally, reassure them that if they follow the advice you provided they can expect more readers, an improved bounce rate, more conversions, etc..
    6. On a final note, never beg your readers for shares. This will actually discourage many people from doing so. Provide sharing options and leave it up to them. Also, avoid becoming too long  winded. Posts in the 500 word range are optimum. The more you go over that the less likely you are to hold a reader. Remember, the internet is not like a print book or paper – readers have options that can provide what you are more succinctly in most cases.

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