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     You can accomplish more in your quest for internet domination if you automate tasks using a number of software tools that are readily available and easy to use – so long as you use them correctly. You can apply this in a broad sense to the SEO industry as well; but how much automation is possible in the SEO tasks and how effective your tools are will heavily depend on a variety of factors we will discuss today.

    For starters, the tools that allow you to automate a large number of tasks you regularly face may end up causing you more trouble than they are worth. You have been warned!  Keeping that in mind, before you start using any software tools to promote your site or improve your SEO, you should rundown the following tutorial to ensure you are choosing the right tool and automating the right processes. Many SEO processes are better done manually, including the all important Directory Submission. Tools are only good if used correctly by a person that knows what they are doing – not just a trained monkey clicking buttons for a feeder pellet.

    Directory submissions can be handled by SEO software tools, but is best done manually.  Most of the directories try to curb the practice of automated link building efforts through directory submission, because it results in spamming of the sites by abusers of the system. Sadly, this means that since there are a few ‘evildoers’ who refuse to curb the temptation to spam, the rest of us are unable to benefit from the time saving measures we could otherwise take advantage of thanks to modern technology. These are the same “evil doers” you find on Twitter for instance that tweet whatever anyone pays them to out through a few hundred sock puppet accounts that are only followed by other sock puppets. Different scenario, same morons.

    There are some tools that will speed up certain parts of carrying out directory submissions that do not count as being 100% automated. Basically. These programs save and use your generic information for successive submissions reducing time and effort. Almost all directories now try to verify human submission by using ‘CAPTCHA’ registration verification, so you will have to enter each site’s individual CAPTCHA code manually – these tasks cannot be automated.

    SEO software tools marketed today rarely reflect truthfulness in advertising. It’s unfortunate but true. A tool may promise to get you good rankings with the click of few buttons, but in reality, no software tool available today is capable of replacing human optimisation if it was that easy, everyone would use it and the tool would be totally useless. Follow the logic. Ultimately you have to figure out a way to streamline your SEO processes when optimising your website. Directory submission is one place where you need to be hands on, and if you don’t have time for that then an SEO Firm can help provide that service for you.

    Tools that claim to use ‘artificial intelligence’ on SEO are also as big a waste as SEO‘s that think using those tools is effective – without the outrageous surcharge to have them press a button for you. There is no such thing as a 100% successful SEO tool to crack algorithms or automate every process.  The unpredictable behaviour patterns of the human mind and the ever changing rules of the search engines assure that case to be true. Carefully consider the reality of the claims made by software manufacturers before spending your money on software tools that don’t provide good results. Similarly, consider those claims that come from these one man SEO’s who you can’t locate on Google – aside from pictures of them mugging for attention.

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