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  • SEO TIPS: Using Title Tags

    Are you aware that Title Tags are one of the most critical aspect of search engine optimization that most people are unfamiliar with? If not, today’s article is one you cannot afford to pass up. Search engines rely heavily on title tags for assessing the relevancy of a web page against a search query. In Search Engine algorithms, Title Tags are given very high relevancy for high ranking which is exactly what you are looking for.

    This is the way your Title tag looks like on Web page in case you are not familiar with them:

    To see the Title tag of any website you can see it by choosing “View Source” from your browser or by right clicking and choosing “view source code”. Go ahead and try it with this page you are on now for a point of reference.

    To create an effective title tag, create a list of keywords and phrases that you are trying to get ranked for in the Search Engines. Use different Title tags for each of your pages – this is extremely important to follow through on. If you fail to follow this step you can get penalized by SEs (Search Engines) if you see the same title tag for all your pages. It takes a little extra time but the extra effort pays off by keeping under the radar of Googlebot and not risking being labeled as having spammy content

    Let’s practice this real quick by creating a title tag for SubmitEdge.

    Let’s start by making a list of my keywords  we want to rank for:
    1) Directory Submission
    2) Directory submission service
    3) Manual Directory Submission Service
    4) Article Submission Service
    5) Article submission
    6) Manual Article Submission Service
    7) SEO Firm

    Now, we’ll combine the keywords into a sentence that we can use. Remember that each additional keyword will reduce the importance of another keyword. You have to find a balance.

    In the example we are using, the most important keyword is Directory Submission so let’s focus on that. Make sure that none of  keywords are repeated as it has no increased impact in Title Tagging. If you opt to use a Manual Directory Submission Service – All my keywords Directory submission, Directory Submission service, Manual Directory Submission will be taken care of. Now, I want to include Manual Article submission service in my title tag as well, so I need to look at what my options are and what is going to work the best for my needs.

    Manual Directory Submission Service, Article Submissions

    The problem with this Title tag is that it contains a comma, so when a Search Engine reads that, they will read them as 2 different keywords instead of just one. This will negate several combinations I can create from the Title I want to use. You may also want to include your Brand name in title tags for Brand Establishment. If you are creating a site that is region specific, it makes sense including your region or area in title.You can use stop words in title, click here to see the list and bookmark it for future reference.

    Stop words are ignored by Search Engines and have no significance in title tags. There is no harm in using them whatsoever really. Remember, it’s advisable to use 60 Characters in your title. Anything beyond that is excessive and isn’t going to help you.

    What you need to remember :
    1) Use all your keywords in title
    2) Don’t repeat words in Title
    3) You can use Stop words
    4) Try avoiding commas, instead use hyphen
    5) In your site is Region Specific, mention your region
    6) Most importantly make it REAL visitor friendly and not just Search Engine Spider Friendly

    If you can follow this proved formula you are going to enjoy much more success than you previously were. It won’t work overnight, but once it kicks in you will clearly see what a big difference it makes.


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