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  • SEO TIPS: The Top 10 SEO Tools and Why You Should Use Them – PART TWO

    We’re back with part two of our top ten list. Are you ready for tools 6-10 or did we already blow your mind? Again, if you aren’t using these fab tools to make your website more competitive, you are simply wasted as an SEO. Anyway, on the chance that you are really serious about doing this who webmaster “thang”, Here’s the rest of our top ten list of SEO tools you should be using already – and if you aren’t, you better start today!

    6.  Rank Checker. (

    This is an amazing tool for checking your website’s ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. Just type in your url, and then the keyword / keyphrase you want to check for and see if your site shows up. If you don’t use a rank tacker, how do you know where your site is without manually scrolling through results?

    7. Google Analytics  (You knew we wouldn’t leave this out!)

    This tool lets you monitor activity as it happens on your site. You can track visitors, see what pages they visited, in what order, and how long they spent on each page. You can also see what pages get the most traffic what keywords are the most popular, and so on, if you have a sales site, you can also track the sale fro the time the visitor searches a keyword and clicks on your site to the point when the

    y complete their transaction. If you don’t have Google Analytics, well… you are just an idiot. Why wouldn’t you want all this sweet data??

    8. SEOQuake

    This is a paid tool but it is amazingly effective if you want to know about your competition. You can find out details for any website including Google indexing, page ranking, Alexa, and many more bits of data you can use to formulate your own campaign, If you don’t have SEOQuake, you don’t know how and what your competitors are doing and you could end up blindsided.

    9. Any Backlink Checker Tool

    Analyze the effectiveness of your backlinks – there are dozens of variations of this tool out there, so try a few and see which one you like, if you don’t have a backlink checker tool how can you appreciate where your best links are coming from? Also, in the wake of Penguin, you really need a lot of details about your backlinks so you can manage to fix any problems. Bing lets you disavow links that are causing you trouble, but you can’t disavow if you don’t know what the links are.

    10. Any Keyword Density Tool

    This type of tool will crawl specific pages to analyze the density of keywords. In the wake of Panda, excessive keywords can kill your site, so do a quick crawl and bring the density down to a reasonable level if it is too over the top. If you don’t have a keyword density tool, you won’t know which pages need a little bit of editing to make the Panda compliant.

    That’s it, ladies and gents. (yes, gents, there are ladies doing SEO too.) You are welcome!


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