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  • SEO TIPS: The Content Conundrum

    We all know that quality content matters, but do you know why and how much? The fact is that search engine spiders are getting smarter all the time. Tactics that once worked like a charm are now antiquated and ineffective. Using inferior quality content is no longer an option because while it’s never been human friendly, it isn’t spider friendly anymore either – and the spiders can tell.

    A solid SEO copywriter is not only versed in keyword optimization, but has excellent research and writing skills to craft content for your website that will provide benefit to the user and convince them to purchase your product or those of your affiliates. They won’t just string words together for no purpose but to try to fool search engine spiders. You won’t have to worry when you assign them a portion of your website to create content for – they will be capable of editing and proofing their own work and you’ll have ready to g web copy. They really are an all-in-one content solution.

    Quality is not cheap, however. A good copywriter is worth their weight in gold, and will likely be highly in demand, so if you find one, pay them well, and don’t forget a bonus once in a while to keep them invested. The fact is, there are more webmasters demanding actual quality content than there are SEO copywriters on the market. If you use copywriters provided by your SEO company, ensure that they are properly trained and have excellent English skills. Ask for an actual sample that pertains to your industry if you have doubts just to be sure. Sometimes, the sample on site is far better than the actual content you’ll receive from their in-house “copywriter”.

    High quality web copy will last you a long time. Good copywriters concentrate of producing ‘evergreen’ content for your site, and will optimize for specific keyword phrases researched and proven to have good results. The aim isn’t just to have people click through to your site – the goal is to have them stay, read, and buy. This in a nutshell is why quality content is so much better than filler – the recent changes made by search engines only confirm that, as they are concerned with serving up the best possible end result to users. The quality of copy on your site reflects directly on you, so don’t go with the cheapest option available if you want to be taken seriously.

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