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  • SEO TIPS: Google "Bowling"

    Did you ever stop and take a look at your site statistics and think to yourself. “Man! Everything is coming together far better than I ever hoped for!”? Every now and then, that does happen, and usually it is because your SEO efforts are paying off. In some cases, however, the results are not based on your good SEO efforts, they are based on someone using some black hat SEO tactics to try to tank your site and maybe even get a penalty or ban slapped on you.

    Sometimes you may see what you think is amazing success of some of your white hat SEO tactics – but it turns out instead to be your competitors playing a black hat trick! Not everyone plays by the rules and business competitors are not always fair. This is a sad reality, but a reality none-the-less.

    Take a second to go Google Bowling, for example; one of the black hat tricks used by some unscrupulous webmasters to get your website into horrific trouble. You ay operate aboveboard at all times, but that doesn’t mean your competitors do. Most will be just as fair as you are, but there is always an exception to the rule. You may not have considered the possibility that other webmasters use underhandedness  to thwart the results of their competitors’ websites in Google, but it happens!

    In case you don’t know how this all works, here’s how they do it. Google does not allow such tactics if they know about them, but this is a sneaky way to take advantage of Google’s algorithms. Be aware of how this works and be on the watch for it if your site seems to be doing too well too fast.

    You know that Google values back links very highly, and that Google likes them to be genuine links rather than links bought from link farms or obtained from other sites that sell links. Having the right links is more important than ever since Google has undergone a series of algorithm tweaks and updates to reward content more. Google penalizes sites that buy such links from link farms and other such sources by punishing those who use them. Can you see where this is going now?

    Your site’s ranking can drop far down on the search results page or even totally disappear from Google’s index, because Google takes such severe steps against manipulative link building procedures. This isn’t some kind of made up worst case scenario fantasy that never happens – this is pretty much an everyday reality. Those who engage in Google bowling use this rule to completely ruin their competitors by buying links for their competitors instead for their own websites, which is a completely nasty strategy to fight one’s competition!



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