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  • SEO TIPS: Fine Tuning Your Blog

    There are a number of ways to fine tune your blog and make it more powerful. Basic SEO tactics that you use for all your normal onsite content should also be used when it comes to the care and feeding of your blog. This will pull in readers as well as active participants who will comment on and link to your blog. You have to think beyond just putting down a post – you need to draw in engagement as well.

    The first thing you need to do is make sure to choose the right titles for your blog posts. Your blog post’s title should contain your main keywords because the title of your blog post becomes the blog post’s access URL. Using your keywords in your URL will have great influence on the search engine ranking as well helping you attract traffic. When your blog post gets indexed in search results, the link is going to be there as well as the title – don’t forget that!  When you include your keywords in the links your post looks more relevant and can rank slightly better which leads to more traffic.

    Viewpoints vary in regard to the benefits of having your keywords in the domain names and URLs. Some webmasters will swear there is no significance in having your keywords as your domain name or in having them in the URLs,. Most SEOs and domain experts will tell you the exact opposite. The truth is it certainly cannot hurt, but don’t go overboard on a domain name unless you can actually afford it.

    When you create your blog posts, do so in a manner that allows you to link to your past blog posts internally – just don‘t go overboard with this and keep it strictly based on relevance. This enhances the effectiveness of your anchor text. Make sure that every other anchored link in your blog post is a link to another article or site outside your blog. Make sure those links from your blog are authority sites. This will make your blog appear more authoritative as well.

    Your categories and your keyword ‘cloud’ need to be used effectively. Posts should only be about 300-400 words. This gives you enough space to get in your keywords but it is also not so long that your readers might lose interest and leave.  Use your blog link wherever possible such as including it as part of your profile in social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and your site’s homepage.  You’ll get some nice relevant backlinks and exposure.

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