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  • SEO TIPS: Feeding Your Blog

    We know that blogs are great for getting traffic and boosting in some relevant Google friendly links to our sites. What we are not told is that we do not get instant success with our blogs. Launching a blog is fairly easy, but proper care and feeding is much tougher. We need to put in a lot of planning and effort to make our blog a success or else it is not much different than any other of the millions of blogs online. This is how you stand apart from the crowd.

    If you expect to make your blog successful you are obligated to make sure you have some unique and irresistible content to share. The question is, will good content automatically make your blog popular or does it take more? The answer is no as much as we’d like to answer differently to this and say SEO alone solves all problems. It requires a lot of time and effort before your blog gets indexed and gets indexed for your keywords. Success is not overnight except for very rare situations

    If you can get your existing customers aware of your blog through an email, you are ahead of most bloggers starting out that build from scratch.Offer them a reason to

    not just visit your blog, but engage with it as well. Engagement is a huge indicator that you are doing something right.

    Send a concise email inviting people to visit your new blog. Present it in a way that does not make it look as if you are trying to make a sale. There are more than enough marketing emails and they always look at corporate emails floating around the web and they rarely inspire anyone to act upon them when they come across as a sales pitch. You need to earn their trust by sending a succinct email announcing your new blog and nothing else. Once they know to watch for the launch, you can send another telling them how to locate your blog and maybe include a special offer for subscribers.

    Strong well written content and effective marketing can really help boost your blog. As soon as you have enough subscribers to give your blog a leg up on the competition, make sure to keep the fire burning by posting regularly. At least get 2-3 new pieces of content out each week, although 5 is the gold standard. Don 't post marketing pitches in your blog and if you do so it will be easiest way of losing your subscribers. People get that enough everywhere else – MLM and all that down-line hoopla will lose you subscribers in a heartbeat. Give people the type of content you would want to see and keep it coming – that is how you make your blog work for you!


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