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  • SEO TIPS: Content Magic

    Do you know what the magic formula for keyword usage is? Is there even a magic formula, or is it as much a myth as Camelot? The answer is – it depends. There are too many styles of article, and 'optimization formulas' to work with to say yeas or no to the above question definitively. Some experts say that you have to have a certain keyword density, to include the keywords in the first sentence, a specific range of how many words are in  the article, the title, the closing, each paragraph, etc. As good as all that sounds, keywords mean nothing if they aren't used correctly.

    How To styled articles are good for SEO because people search using the term 'how to–' at an amazing rate. Getting clear, direct answers to whatever it is that is on the searchers mind is what they are looking for. To that end, the how to article is an amazing tool so long as you deliver relevant, accurate information with an easy to follow implementation process.

    People love lists, and they love to share them and come back to refer to them. Think along the lines of top ten lists or best of whatever topic you like lists. You can even go with something along the lines of 20 ways to such and such lists. When done correctly, lists are not only interactive, they are addictive! People love getting to weigh in ask why “X” made the list or just as often why “LMNOP” didn't. If you like engagement, you'll love lists!

    Do you like to go against the grain on

    ce in a while? Do you like a challenge? Try playing devil's advocate by setting up a premise – then demolish it in order to show your own, better way of approaching the question or problem at hand. People love a little controversy. Just look at what posts are generally the most popular on social networks and you'll see this. Getting involved with a discussion is something people love to do – they want to get their view out there. It can begin with a question like – Does — Really Work? The more you can 'debunk' the premise, and offer your own solution, the more fun it is.

    People are always interested in whatever is hot at the moment, or for our purposes, trendy.  A  press release style article tying in relevant trends or news to your own topic or field is a great way to get yourself out there and create some buzz. If they are engaging enough there is a chance it could be picked up for wider distribution. It may be a little tough at first, but once you get the hang of it the process smoothes out nicely. This is always a great angle to try.

    Interview an expert for an article – people do love to hear what a thought leader in their field has to say. Put your own points that you want to cover in your questions to facilitate some back and forth and allow for later editorializing. You can style it several different ways, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

    With a little work, you can increase traffic and still keep it all tied in to your business. Focus on the quality of the content, and everything else will take care of itself. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to constantly be creating with an eye toward engaging and not just broadcasting.


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