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  • SEO TIPS: Building Your Brand

     The big thing about site statistics is that they will give you lot of information regarding the behavior of your website visitors to your website. This is one of the most evident ways to see how your overall approach is working. If most of your visitors are from social media websites and article directories, then it shows that your off page optimization efforts and search engine marketing are garnering better results for your website. If you see that you get very little from those areas but tons of organic search traffic, that tells you that your copywriter is getting it done.

    The big statistic you want to watch is what is going on concerning your entry pages. This should give you valuable information about how your visitors get to your site and a very clear indication of which aspect of your SEO efforts is working the best. Once you identify the strongest pages in your website, a number of factors fall under your control and you can easily work on them to get better search engine ranking for your website.This is where many webmasters fall down on the job. They identify the strong pages and assume they will stay strong. The problem with that is, you need to constantly reinforce them and then leverage them in a way that they can be used to help build up your weaker pages.

    You’ll also want to spend time studying your visitor demographics. This will tell you a lot about what audience you attract. If you aren’t reaching your target audience, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get – it is not going to help you convert. For instance, if you sell women’s shoes and the bulk of your traffic is from men 25-35, you might have a good indication why you aren’t making the amount of sales your traffic would indicate you should. Targeting is everything!

    If you aren’t  paying attention to all these metrics, you will end up losing all the prospective leads to your competitors who are paying attention and targeting leads properly. As far as SEO is concerned, remaining in the same position is equivalent to going back on your results as long as you are not in the top 5 positions. This will help you find your visitors location.Your website’s visitor data will help you quantify your level of success with your SEO efforts. Everything means something, and it is all useful if you read it correctly.

    Spend your time on making your keywords stronger for local searches by using geographic qualifiers. This is a quick and easy tip to help improve. If your service or product is limited to local destinations getting visitors from overseas destinations will not bring you the desired results and metrics will help you see if you are being too braod in ways like that as well. Another important type of data that you should track is the referring websites so you know where your bread is being buttered. pat attention to the metrics and make use of the data they provide. If you do that, you’ll enjoy a higher level of success.

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