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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 94. Questions on Pagerank-2

    In this post, let us continue to discuss the remaining questions regarding Pagerank.

    4.    What is the real significance of pagerank?
    While pagerank mania is prevalent and people are obsessed with this single aspect, not many really understand how pagerank is significant to their websites. People think that pagerank will automatically get them top positions in the search engine results pages. Google pagerank will enhance or increase the chances of getting top ranking in the search results page; this alone will not help you get top search rankings. This will be evident when you observe the search results. You will find a website with lesser or no PR listed on top while pages with better PR listed down the line. Search engine ranking depends totally on how well is your page optimized and how relevant your page is to the search that was made. If there should be tie among websites for a particular keyword then Google will list websites with higher PR over the websites with lesser PR. Given that all the other factors be equal PR will be the deciding factor.

    For those who build online systems and websites and sell, PR will play a significant role. If your website should have a higher PR, then you will be able to get better pricing for your website. Secondly, for websites that display contextual ads, you will be able to get higher value ads if your website has a higher PR. Pay per click will be higher for the ads served on your web pages with higher PR. Thirdly, for those who sell links, you will be able to quote higher price if your website or blog has a higher PR. If your website should sell ad space, here too you can get higher price for pages with better PR.

    These are some of the benefits of having a good PR for your website. Among these benefits, getting better search engine placement is the most important significance for which webmasters spend sleepless nights. So if you are working on enhancing your website’s PR, make sure that you take a holistic approach. If you want to get the best out of your website, make your website is keyword rich. You must also remember that acquiring good PR is not a single day’s task. You need to patiently and prudently make efforts so that your website gets the required PR. Once you get good PR, you need to be consistent with your efforts. If you slacken with your efforts you will soon lose what you have been working for months. Getting good PR is time consuming but losing your PR is not. You need to be all the more careful with your SEO efforts once you get good PR. At times your efforts can make things Topsy-curvy. Therefore consult the best SEO company that will help you maintain your PR and improve it further.

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