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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 90. Optimization of Real Estate Websites

    Another popular area or niche industry that we can consider here is the real estate industry. SEO for real estate websites can pose a major challenge because of the high level of competition in this field too. However, dealing with real estate websites is lot more easier when compared to weight loss industry. Weight loss searches are one of the top most searches in the US.

    Looking at SEO for real estate websites will be a highly timely one especially during these times because every realtor is facing low sales level because of the credit crunch. One of the advantages with real estate websites is that they will always be geographic qualifiers. So we will be fighting with much lesser competition. We must make the best use of this characteristic feature of the real estate industry.

    Choose keywords that are specific to the areas that you are covering. The next qualifier that you can use is the building types. Every area will have its own typical style of buildings associate such specialties to your website and to pages that are specific to such areas. For instance if a particular area is known for their posh gated communities try to include this as part of your main keywords. There is another great advantage with real estate websites. Here most often the visitors who are serious about buying a property are more informed about the types of houses and places that they are interested in so it is much easier to tap highly targeted traffic by using the right keywords. In other words their search pattern will be relatively more predictable than any other niche industry. The predictability can also be attributed to the limited choice of keywords that are associated with the real estate industry.

    So the best advice here would be to concentrate on more focused keywords. These keywords can be both long tailed keywords as well as short keyword phrases. Long tailed keywords bring more targeted visitors to your website in general and the same applies to the real estate websites too. If you happen to allow your website visitors to post their own listings in the membership area suggest or recommend them with keywords that they can use in their post to attract more traffic to their listing. This will enhance your website’s overall performance. When they want to upload photos or images to the listing, have a delimiter for the image files. You can also optimize the images automatically on upload and convert the high resolution images to small sized low resolution images. This will ensure that your web pages’ loading time does not increase beyond the acceptable limits. Use an SEO friendly CMS for your website so that the URLs generated are search engine friendly. Making use of an experienced SEO company to handle your website’s SEO will be a better option because they will be able to incorporate the latest strategies in optimizing your website.

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