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  • SEO Step By Step Guide: 8. Using Brand Name as One of Your Keyword

    As we are still discussing matters pertaining to keywords, here is something that is worth discussing. One of the mistakes or rather should we say oversight while selecting the keyword is forgetting to include one’s brand name or company name as one of the keywords. If you look at the business websites including home based businesses, the website’s name or the domain name will be the brand name. However, now the trend is changing when it comes to medium and small business websites, the domain name is a keyword, which may or may not contain the business name in the URL.

    When someone searches for your website using your brand name, don’t you think that your website should feature in the search results? If it does not come up in the first 10 results then you have very little chances of impressing your customer who searched your services using your brand name. Here we are not talking about top 10 ranking for one of your service related keywords but brand name or your company name. You will not be able to get automatic listing in the search results just because your company owns your corporate website. There should be enough reasons for the search engines to pull your website when people search for your company name. If you don’t provide compelling reasons for search engines to identify your website with your company name, then you have a long way to go in terms of brand name popularity. However, it can be consoling to hear that when you search for the official site of some of the popular brands, it is not company’s official website that shows up in the top 10 or 20 results but the sites of the affiliate marketers show up. This should not happen to your website because you cannot afford this to happen when you want to make profit out of your business.

    So make sure that you use your company name or your brand name as one of your major keywords. Optimize it carefully and also use geographic qualifiers along with your company name as your keywords. This is to boost your results when people use the place name along with your business name. This is a normal search trend to club the city name along with the business name so you must take advantage of this trend. Besides that when someone happens to make a business search using Google Maps, you will be able to enhance your ranking by using the geographic qualifier along with your company name.

    All the main pages are to be optimized for your company name as well and only then the service or the major products that you are selling will be associated with your brand name. This is one of the simple yet effective ways of promoting your brand name along with the product or service that you are offering.

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