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  • SEO Step-By-Step Guide – 187. Consider Google Warnings On Unethical SEO

    Google has always been tough on unethical SEO practices. Google states very clearly, “Practices that violate our guidelines may result in a negative adjustment of your site’s presence in Google, or even the removal of your site from our index.” If you are implementing any negative SEO strategies or hiring a company to implement for your website, then you are doing at your own risk. Here are few factors you need to take into consideration in this regard to protect yourself from unethical SEO practices.
    Google places a stern warning against SEO companies that spam their customers promising them to get good ranking in Google. Some companies send spam mails stating that they will be able to get your #1 ranking in Google because they have special relationship with Google. Google does not have any such relationships. So if you want to get good ranking then it is best to comply by Google guidelines rather than seeking shortcuts that will get your website banned. Google also does not have any priority submission options. You can submit your websites only through the Add URL page and this works the same for everyone.
    Google suggests not to hire an SEO company that will not explain to you clearly what they are up to and how they will get you the promised ranking. Probably, they are engaging in some shady practices that they cannot share it with you. Be on your guards against such companies.
    You must avoid Free for all links and dubious link popularity packages. Today there are number of legitimate ways that you can make use of to improve your back links. It is best to read reviews about your SEO company before hiring them; make use of Google to find out the history of a company by making a search using the name of the company. If there are any negative feedback, press releases, etc., it will come to light.
    When you hire an SEO company, be sure to find out how the money you are giving them will be spent; many customers who don’t have any SEO knowledge are deceived easily by a number of SEO companies by placing them on the PPC campaigns rather than getting them ranking in the search results. This is not an exaggeration of truth but the actual fact.
    Do not make use of shadow domains to redirect visitors to your site without their knowledge. This will make your site into a den of suspicion. Always use straightforward methods that will help your website get good ranking over a period of time though not immediately. You must learn to accept the fact that SEO is a time consuming task.

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