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  • SEO Step By Step Guide: 14. Getting the Best Out of Your Website’s Content

    By now, all of us would have known that “Content is King”. It is your website’s content that has the potential to attract search engines and it is your website’s content that convinces your website visitors once they are in your site. Therefore, you should be able to get the maximum out of your website content. It is not just the keyword density that gets you good rankings. There are number of other factors that are associated with your website’s content, which will yield good search engine rankings.

    One of the basic factors is the keyword positioning in the text. It is considered best when your most important keywords are placed in the starting few sentences of the text. At times search engine spiders do not crawl up to the last line of your text. In such cases by having the keywords positioned in the first, few sentences will increase the chances of better indexing of the keywords.

    Secondly, use headings and subheadings as much as possible in your text. Try to use your keywords in the headings and the subheadings and mark them with H1 and H2 tags respectively.

    Thirdly try to use different formatting styles to emphasize the important areas of text. You can use formatting styles such as Bold, Underline, and Italics. Do not use all three at the same time.

    The next important factor to remember is to use your brand name in close proximities to your keyword. This will help brand promotion in a subtle way.

    Choose a legible font and choose a reasonable font so that it makes easy reading for the visitors. Illegible and tiny fonts can frustrate the visitors and they can move out of your website quickly.

    Do not pour in 2000 words content in to the same page. You can always add a “More>>>” link and split the content into two pages. Even within the same page, have reasonable sized paragraphs so that it makes an easy reading. Make your copy read professional.

    Use multiple synonyms for your keywords so that you can capture those visitors who use synonyms to search for the service or product.

    SEO copywriting therefore is just not about adding keywords into your text. It is much more than that. You should come up with a copy that will impress the search engines as well as the reader. You should not compromise one for the other, both are important.

    It is generally suggested that both text and the code should be balanced in your web page. You should not have skimpy content and excessive coding in your page. Your users will not be able to see the codes but search engines will see the codes. You must make effort to provide a reasonable amount of content in your web pages.

    Above all, never go for content spinning, that is getting content from other web pages and trying to spin a variation out of it. Your website visitors will be able to easily spot this and you will lose your credibility.

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