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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 111. Taking into Consideration Internet Scams While Deciding Your Keywords

    Have you ever thought of this factor that how the latest trends in internet scams will affect your website’s traffic? Not many website owners are aware of the issues involved in this area. It does not even occur to them that this is problem area for

    their website’s traffic.

    It is not only webmasters and SEO professionals are carefully observing the latest web searching trends to optimize their websites, it is also the scammers and hackers that are keeping a close watch on the latest search trends. These people too try to reach out to the largest audience though for wrong reasons. So if you think that a particular keyword gets the largest number of hits or that a particular keyword is searched for the highest number of times, then spammers and hackers too optimize their websites and web pages for those keywords. They also send spam mails with those keywords so that people will click on those disastrous links and be victimized.

    As more and more people become victims they will learn to be careful not to search for certain keywords and click on links associated with those keywords. For example, lately it has been noted that most spammers attack the keyword screensavers and keywords that are associated with “free”. So when you are choosing your keywords do not go overboard on “free” hoping to get loads of traffic. You should be aware of the changing trends and start preparing for those changes. When you look for alternative keywords when your traffic has dropped drastically, you will lose a considerable amount of time in regaining the traffic. So be a wise webmaster. And if you are a SEO professional, it is important that you educate your customers of this changing trend and the problems that they may have to face with certain keywords. Some of the customers may not see the point immediately and it would take a bit of time to convince them to opt for safer keyword choices.

    What is even more challenging is to find alternatives for these keywords and to compensate for the traffic that we will be losing temporarily. We must also remember that scammers and hackers will never rest; we should constantly be looking for such problem areas and keep modifying our optimization strategies. Only then, we can be successful. All our approaches and efforts should be futuristic, looking into the future. Just by repeating the same old SEO procedures, we will remain stagnant. We should be able to break through that barrier and look beyond today’s trends. This however, requires experience and good analytical skills.

    The next time when you brainstorm for your keywords take this input seriously and come up something that will produce sustainable results.

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