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  • SEO Report: Squidoo Lens Creation

    Using Squidoo to help drive your Web Traffic SEO professionals can now take advantage of many new and creative ways of promoting their websites. Each new application and platform that appears which allows content creation can be exploited for the benefit of SEO. One such latest platforms that is being used extensively for getting back links for websites is Squidoo,a content centric website that allows the users to create single page websites using the inbuilt tools.

    Create your Squidoo pages, called Squidoo lenses, and you can post virtually any thing you like;  from topics relevant to your own niche to alternate topics which can tie into your website and drive traffic. What you ultimately use your Squidoo lens is totally up to you – such lenses are not moderated in any way.

    Since Squidoo lenses are single pages focused on a single topic, you can create and publish as many Squidoo lenses as you wish. When you create a Squidoo lens, you also create tags for your lens which will connect you to hundreds of other websites that share the same tags. This helps you to increase your back links for your websites quickly over a very short time.

    You have to concentrate on creating Squidoo lenses that are  interesting so that they will attract visitors. Choose interesting topics that are relevant to your website, services or products and write compelling content. Your Squidoo lens should be optimized and keyword rich, with live links leading out to other lenses. You can hire a Squidoo content creation team to help you if you can’t figure it out or don’t have time.  Squidoo also comes with a number of in-built tools that you can use to help you learn how to create and link your lenses and make the m more appealing to visitors.

    If your Squidoo lenses are well optimized, they can feature in the search results – driving a considerable amount of traffic to your website. If other Squidoo lenses start using the same tags that you are using for your lenses, you can also keep increasing your number of backlinks. SEO experts have found that Squidoo lens creation can provide a whole network of support for your main website.

    Since Squidoo lenses are highly valuable both for generating traffic to your website and for getting good back links, you should definitely take advantage of this quick easy way to add good content to the web and increase the number of back links to your website. Note: there is no other link building strategy which is capable of increasing your back links automatically – even article submission back links do not increase so quickly!

    If you plan to promote  your website through the Squidoo lens free platform, you will need to both create Squidoo lenses and write compelling content to promote your products and services. As mentioned, you can also can make use of Squidoo lens creation services. They can create the lens, add content, optimize it and promote it to help it get ranked in the search engine results, driving traffic through it to your website and increasing conversions.

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