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  • SEO for Business for Newbies Part 2

    You know where this is headed, right? You’ve been hearing about “internet marketing” and “social media” and how print advertising is on its way out the door. You know that in order to compete, you have to “get your brand out there” and “engage” – whatever that means.

    The problem is, your dream job that you sweat blood and tears for years trying to achieve probably isn’t in the realm of online marketing. At this point you are probably so exhausted by the sheer day to day running of your own business that learning a whole new skill set by trial and error isn’t just unattractive – it’s downright horrifying.

    That’s OK. That’s why companies like Submitedge exist. Because our dream job WAS to be internet marketers, and we love what we do. However, unlike what you do, which is probably highly specialized and took years of training and dedication and would be utter Greek to someone like us, what we do is something ANYONE can do.

    That’s right. We SEO people are not special, or geniuses, or masters of the secret arts that take a wizard to understand, much less implement. What we do every day is something we can explain, that we can break down into a logical series of steps, that we can TEACH to just about anyone.

    Why would they do that? We’re sure you’re thinking. Why would they teach people about internet marketing – wouldn’t that put them out of a job?

    Sure. Sometimes. But the fact that anyone CAN do what We do doesn’t mean that they will WANT to do it. But who knows – maybe after reading this blog for a while you’ll feel ready to take the plunge and you’ll do great at marketing yourself online. That’s fine.

    And if you read the blog and decide it’s not your thing, that’s fine too. At least you’ll come away with a working knowledge of the industry, and be able to make informed decisions when you hire somebody to do your internet marketing for you. Because take it from us – there are plenty of unethical marketers out there who would be happy to take your hard earned dollars and blow smoke up your – never mind.

    Read this blog religiously! In it you will find step by step instructions for the following:

    Creating your online presence
    Building your brand
    Optimizing your website (SEO)
    Getting other websites to “give you their vote” (linkbuilding)
    Blogging for your business
    Handling reputation management
    Using social media for business
    Attracting new customers

    Once you are finished, take a good hard look at your website, your online profiles and your social media accounts, and DO something with them – because the age of uncomplicated phone book ads is over. Your competitors are already attracting customers – your customers! – online, and that’s not going to change.

    If, after reading the blog for a few weeks, months or years, you decide that all the hassle of internet marketing isn’t for you, at least you’ll have learned enough about the topic that you’ll be ready for a company like ours to create an SEO plan to propel your business into a successful future.


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