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  • SEO and UO


    Search engine optimization is important for your site. So is user optimization. If you focus on one to the exclusion of the other, you won’t be utilizing your website to its maximum potential.

    There are many misconceptions about different optimization techniques. There are SEO methods you can use to gear for keywords and others for linking power. What many people don’t realize us that often these same methods can be taken a step further and be used to increase UO as well.

    Using articles for marketing purposes can help SEO and UO. If you properly optimize your articles for keywords, the search engines will be able to determine relevance to a particular topic. If you do a really good job, the article will still be readable and informative as well.

    When you submit the articles to directories, you are garnering links that help your PageRank and increase your ranking on Google or other search engines. At the same time you are increasing your visibility to users and extending your demographic base to people who routinely search the directories for information.

    If you can manage to supply many related articles to the directories, you can get additional traffic to those articles as viewers move from one to the next, You can also keep encouraging them to visit your site for even more information. Links are available so you can link to your website and blog or even your website homepage and then an inner page.

    The same thing goes for your website itself. You want your pages to be SEO, but if they aren’t UO then you just wasted a lot of time and money. You can get the traffic through SEO, but you need to UO to keep the traffic. If the visitor instantly clicks away once they see your home page or landing page, then what good did it all do?

    Make sure you include some instant gratification on landing pages. Landing pages and emails for auto responder courses need to be more UO than SEO. That’s because you really want the search engines to ignore these – you should always disallow the spiders from accessing your landing pages that are not really any more than a squeeze page.

    All of your links should be workable – they aren’t just for link power but they can be conduits for more traffic and you can see the difference when they are all working. A well placed link won’t just deliver juice to your site, it will deliver targeted, heavy traffic that could be even better than you dreamed of. Make sure you are thinking of practical, UO based applications to all of your SEO opportunities! Both are needed to make a dream come completely alive!


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