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  • Safe and Sound – Your Website’s Security

    Having a website is not all about SEO, traffic, linking, content and conversions. W also have to be aware of how safe our site is for the people who visit it and also how secure our own information is.

    Website security is not directly li

    nked to SEO, but it can and will affect the traffic rate to your websites. Online users who don’t feel comfortable and safe using your websites if not they will hesitate to visit or to make a purchase, and this in turn can cripple you ability to turn a profit.Click to view

    When a website is not secure, hackers can take advantage of the loopholes in the website’s security and use it for their own purposes. Several things they might try include:

    • They can install scripts and malicious software
    • They can steal important info about your site
    • They can take customer information and defraud them

    You don’t want an innocent user to visit your website and have their computers infected with virus or spyware. This could be installed in their computers and convert their computers into spam generation machines. Likewise, your system could be hacked and actions taken in your name that culd destroy your site and get you banned from search engines – some black hatters are not above linking stuff to your site to make you look bad or sending out spam from your website to get you in trouble.

    If your website were to host such malicious programs or software, or even if you become suspected for hosting such harmful programs, search engines could ban you or place warnings next to your listing which could lead to people not clicking on your site. This is commonly seen when a display comes up stating that a ‘website may harm your computer’.. and klet’s face it, no one in their right mind will go ahead and visit your website after reading such a warning.

    This in turn means no traffic – all the work and money you put in on your website and all your SEO efforts will be ruined. All of this from an insecure website. This is a shame, because making your website meet security standards is not at all difficult.

    If you have made to the top of Google, you have to be aware that hackers target highly ranked sites to bring them down – or to spread malware since they know you will get lots of traffic – at least, you will until your website becomes publicly known for installing malware and people stop coming. You need security and privacy for you and your visitors.

    Imagine, working so hard to get top rankings in Google and other major search engines only to come to a hacker’ because you have made it easy for them to plant their malicious programs in your site. Be smart! If needed, hire professionals to check your website’s security. Don’t let your site get hacked and infect your customer or lose your rankings due to reports of suspicious activity in your name.

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